New Crystal Runtimes are required for use of version V6.0 and up. Please contact WeSuite Support at to receive the installation files prior to deployment of this release to your environment.

IMPORTANT!! WeSuite Support needs to schedule document configuration to align with new required configuration settings prior to deployment. To schedule this work, please reach out to


Bug Fixes

19651 - Resolved: Disabling access to the 'Prospecting Dashboard' and 'Prospecting Plan' would not remove the 'Prospecting' tab on the left-hand side and was still visible to the user #10960

19318 - Resolved: Cannot upload a profile picture for a customer in the 'Accounts Dashboard' #10579


Bug Fixes

20001 - Resolved: Accounting links were getting cleared after an update #11327

19947 - Resolved: Winning a job would not save PDFs to your Supporting Documents if you have the respective program options 'SummaryReportToPDF' and 'DocumentsToPDF' set to true #11306

19885 - Resolved: Cannot add parts to level 2 folders on a job #11248

19846 - Resolved: Cannot add a new customer when trying to change the customer in the 'Customer' screen #11171

19830 - Resolved: Popup appeared after winning a job that shouldn't normally populate #11160

19747 - Resolved: DocuSign not working in WeEstimate #11041

19596 - Resolved: Cannot send out a contract for electronic signature #10899

12085 - Resolved: Documents populating all tax fields regardless of the tax configuration in the system #6242

QuoteAnywhere G2.0 & SiteSurvey

Bug Fixes

19926 - Resolved: Markup on accounting parts was not calculating correctly #11298

19906 - Resolved: Isolated issue where the part search was hanging on the Job screen for a specific client #11276

19742 - Resolved: Fields in the 'Job Information' screen not being capitalized #11042

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