New Crystal Runtimes are required for use of version V6.0 and up. Please contact WeSuite Support at to receive the installation files prior to deployment of this release to your environment.

IMPORTANT!! WeSuite Support needs to schedule document configuration to align with new required configuration settings prior to deployment. To schedule this work, please reach out to


Bug Fixes

19684 - Resolved: Global calendar wasn't loading #11006

19668 - Resolved: Link to lead in global calendar not loading leads #11002

19665 - Resolved: WeOpportunity Universal Report Grid not populating leads created in the same day #11001

19654 - Resolved: Mapping parts to your accounting system resulted in an error #10966

19646 - Resolved: Custom text items were not populating and caused an error when generating a contract #10953


Bug Fixes

19851 - Resolved: Adding a CI, RMR or test and inspect item to a job and then selecting the 'WeSuite Parts' tab resulted in an error #11179

19845 - Resolved: Renaming a quote package would appear as selected even though it should unselect the quote package after it is renamed #11170

19841 - Resolved: Error when changing the quantity on an RMR item or chargeable item #11169

19831 - Resolved: Change orders were not opening when creating one from the Dashboard screen #11162

19827 - Resolved: RMR could be edited even if the job was in read-only mode #11157

19826 - Resolved: Changing the tax configuration on a job more than once would result in an error #11151

19770 - Resolved: Refresh issue that result in being unable to add any item to a folder after the 'Estimate Option' of the folder was changed #11093

19758 - Resolved: Customer summary report and summary reports were generating blank

19741 - Resolved: System allowing the job to be flagged as won even though some required fields were not filled out completely #11042

19736 - Resolved: Adding a billing and site address for an accounting customer resulted in an error with the search criteria '%%%' #11030

19730 - Resolved: Unable to enter the zip code after adding a new site and/or billing address #11039

19728 - Resolved: Issue with other customer results populating when trying to 'Change Customer' in the Customer screen #11030

19723 - Resolved: Cannot manipulate folder summary in grid rights for any user #11028

19719 - Resolved: DocuSign invitations resulted in an error when sending #11037

19616 - Resolved: Updates that were deployed were clearing SMTP settings in Program Options #10915

19566 - Resolved: Unable to add a wire item if your environment is not connecting to an accounting system #10856

19524 - Resolved: Labor hours were adding an additional 2 hours if labor was added to a job for parts that had labor associated to them #10774

19404 - Resolved: Regardless of 'Document Export' being selected in Group Rights, users were still able to export a job whether or not they had the rights to do so #8680

19320 - Resolved: Adding a one-time part would not carry over labor associated to it #10595

19292 - Resolved: Using the GPM adjust did not affect parts inserted from packages #10486

19208 - Resolved: Issue with selecting report files to configure in Program Options < Document Setup #10437

QuoteAnywhere G2.0 & SiteSurvey

Bug Fixes

19740 - Resolved: Could not generate proposals or contracts on the Document screen #11064

19622 - Resolved: Could not open jobs once they were sent out to a customer #10913

19529 - Resolved: Creating a quote under a customer that contained a quotation special character in it would indefinitely load #10784

19471 - Resolved: Searching for a customer not working in a stand alone environment #10749

19407 - Resolved: Sending a job for electronic signature would clear information from the job e.g. RMR, parts, total sales #10682

19338 - Resolved: Job 'Won Date' was populating by default '1/1/1900' and would also save as the current date and not the date the job was flagged as Won #10616

Known Issues

TFS 19905: [WeEstimate] You can edit Terms & Conditions Without A Valid Password
TFS 19907: [WeEstimate] Can't Copy A Folder That Has Duplicate Parts
TFS 19941: [WeEstimate] Renaming Rule Clusters Causes issue [#11293]
TFS 19985: [WeEstimate] Proposal Pages Displaying Twice
TFS 20001: [WeEstimate] Accounting Link Gets Cleared After Update [#11327]

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