Bug Fixes

13514 - Resolved an issue with manipulating chargeable items to have a higher sell price than the unit cost #7224

13404 - Resolved an issue with the ability to rearrange folders multiple times #7177

13335 - Resolved an issue where the site address under a customer was not sorted alphabetically #7086

13321 - Resolved an issue with the part import where it wasn't flagging 'Unit Cost' as a required field #7092

13277 - Resolved an issue with the 'Configuration' tab on the Estimate screen where the system was limiting you to no greater than 9999.99 in the 'New Total $' column #7069

13199 - Resolved an issue where there was a column in the Chargeable Items grid entitled 'MSID-MAIN' was populating when it shouldn't have been for the end user #7019

12422 - Resolved an issue where if you pass a bin to a user you have shared jobs with, the jobs would become shared after the bin is passed #6240

9432 - Resolved an issue with passing a sold lead to an office #4898


Bug Fixes

13323 - Resolved an issue where if you added billing information to a customer and then added a Facebook URL, it would remove the billing information

13099 - Resolved an issue with the WeOpportunity URG where nothing was being generated in the 'Details' tab of the report #6945



9286 - Added the ability to store symbols/images mapped to specific parts

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