15411 - Improved the generation time of documents (New Doc Editor users only)

13892 - Enabled the ability to add an RMR item on a per unit basis

Bug Fixes

15883 - Resolved an issue related to triggering an email to be sent when a job has its status changed to 'In Engineering' #8520

15580 - Resolved an issue with the 'Allow Email' checkbox in Pre-Approval systems that were setup #8404

15705 - Resolved an issue where clicking on 'Contractors' was not changing the customer name in the search bar of the 'Customer' screen

15704 - Resolved an issue related to custom text items for contractors

15703 - Resolved an issue where checking the 'Is for Import' column in the Estimate screen would do nothing

14048 - Resolved an issue where the scope of work and cover letter templates would display as HTML code (Crystal Reports users only) #7425


Bug Fixes

15871 - Resolves an issue related to when leads are passed, any associated tasks or appointments would be removed #8576

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