Bug Fixes

16449 - Resolves an issue with flagging a quote package as sent for those who have not updated their system in more than two years  #8793

16029 - Resolves an issue related to processing speeds of dragging parts into a job, isolated to only template jobs with 60+ folders #8644

16002 - Resolves an issue with creating a new document when job is submitted for approval, only occurred when a default cover letter was selected #8629

15840 - Resolves an issue related to selecting 'All Estimate Items' after you have highlighted Contractor in Chargeable Items #8451

15833 - Resolves an issue with sending an email upon changing the status of a job to 'In Engineering' #8520

15349 - Resolves an issue where in the WeEstimate URG, if the 'Probable Close' column is edited, it would add a time stamp to the 'Forecast' column #8344

12300 - Resolves an issue with the 'Win-Individual Rep' report where it would double the total sell cost in the generated report #6320

12075 - Resolves an issue with adding a quote package that includes an apostrophe in the name #6307


Bug Fixes

15670 - Resolves an issue with lead tasks not displaying on the 'Tasks' tab #8358

15667 - Resolves an issue related to customer opportunity creation for those integrated with an accounting system #8432


Bug Fixes

15275 - Resolves an issue with entering a name for a prospect and visibility of the '+' sign would disappear #8277


Bug Fixes

15488 - Resolves an issue with parts in 'Favorites' displaying a zero sell total #8292

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