Release 0.5.5

WeEstimate  - Version 108


  • [TFS 5808] Scope of Work and Cover Letter [New Document Editor]:  
  • Disallowed access to the Scope of Work or Cover Letter editor until the document had time to finish loading.
  • Resolved an issue with the Cover Letter where text was positioning outside the content area and could not be edited.
  • [TFS 5800] Adding New User in WeOpportunity:  Resolved an error when a new User record created in WeOpportunity was opened in WeEstimate. 
  • [TFS 5807] Document Template Maintenance:  Resolved an issue with the document template not refreshing when used a second time.
  • [TFS 5868] Electronic Signature:  Resolved issue related to duplicate entries in Program Options that was preventing a document from being sent for electronic signature.
  • [TFS 5870] Accounting Reset: Job Replication: Resolved a reset issue when cancelling a base Replication Job from the accounting import queue.

New Features

  • [TFS 5476] Commissions:  A checkbox has been added on the commission URG to mark a commission payment as a credit.
  • [TFS 4607] Docusign:  In addition to offering eSignature to send electronic Contracts WeSuite has integrated with Docusign to provide another alternative to eSignature.
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