Release 0.5.6

WeEstimate  - Version 108


  • [TFS 5902] Creating Job on Behalf of Another User:  Resolved an error that occurred when creating a Job on behalf of another User.  
  • [TFS 5866] Tax Percentage on Charge Item Grid:  Resolved tax percentage display on the Charge Item grid. 
  • [TFS 5652] Charge Item Sell Price:  Resolved an issue on the Charge Item grid where the sell price was being reset to the cost.
  • [TFS 5653] Charge Item Calculating Equipment Cost:  Resolved an issue with a Charge Item based on equipment cost that was presenting a zero sell price.
  • [TFS 5818] Commission on Passed Jobs:  Bin passing is disabled on Won Job to resolve duplicating the production amount on the Commission URG.

[TFS 5837] Part Quantity Refresh:  Resolved a refresh issue when editing a Part quantity on the panel shown below and when adding a One-Time Part.

  • [TFS 5917] New Document Editor: Scope of Work:  Resolved an issue where the Scope of Work for the Proposal was being pushed to the Scope for the Contract documents.
  • [TFS 5864] Saving Current Position:  Resolved an issue where the system was not saving the position of Parts rearranged on the Job after clicking “Save Current Position” button.

WeGo – Version 1.2.0


  • [TFS 4265] Dashboard Fixes:  
  • Fixed label syntax
  • Resolved an issue where you could not scroll selections when in Dynamic Mode
  • Fixed an issue when switching between Fixed and Dynamic Mode
  • [TFS 4044] Duplicate Contact Records:  Resolved an issue after adding a prospect and changing to a lead.  When you search the contact the application would produce duplicate records.
  • [TFS 3641] Missing Field:  The Created / Modified option was not appearing for the list of opportunities.



[TFS 4056] Billing Address Duplicated:  Resolved an issue where the billing address was showing as a duplicate when “Same As Site” checkbox was selected.

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