Release 0.6.0

WeOpportunity – Version


  • [TFS 5215] Hubspot Sync:  Resolved an issue with the Hubspot Sync where leads were not being created in WeOpportunity when the Contact Us form was completed.
  • [TFS 5875] Error When Setting Lead to RFQ:  Resolved error that was generated when setting a lead to Request For Quote.

WeSuite Go! – Version 1.2.1


  • [TFS 4257] Improved Task Search Functionality:  
  • Addition of a date range filter representing Today, Tomorrow, This Week, This Month or a custom range has been added to the task search.
  • Addition of a parameter has been added for Due, Over Due, Complete or All tasks
  • [TFS 4130] Improved Customer / Contact Search:  You can now enter a Company Name and the system will return all Contacts linked to that Company. 
  • [TFS 5697] Dashboard Improvements:  Additional button was added to allow the User to return to the dashboard.
  • [TFS 5696] Added New Setting:  A new setting has been added to Show Dashboard On Login. To control the setting click on the menu icon > My Settings > General
  • Fixes

    • [TFS-4044] Duplicate Contacts:  Resolved the showing of duplicate Contact records after adding a Prospect to the system.


WeEstimate  – Version 

New Feature

  • [TFS 5980] Job Status Change:  The status on Jobs created in QA can now be edited in WeEstimate.
  • Fixes

    • [TFS 5807] Document Template Checkboxes:  Resolved an issue with the Document Template checkbox options where the checkboxes were being lost after a second generation of the document.
    • [TFS 5800] Opening New User Account Created in WeOpportunity:  A new User Account can be entered in WeOpportunity or WeEstimate.  An exception error was resolved when opening a newly created User account in WeEstimate that was created in WeOpportunity.   Fax number was not required in WeOpportunity while the fax number was required in WeEstimate. 
    • [TFS 5799] Document Cover Letter: Resolved an issue with the Cover Letter text. After generating the document, then returning to the cover letter editor, the text was missing or altered.
    • [TFS 5961] Folder Name:  Resolved the renaming of a Folder.  The Folder name was not saving when the Job was closed and reopened.  For example if you named a folder “test” and then renamed the folder “Test” the system was not saving the change as the system was not validating upper from lower case.
    • [TFS 5921] Copy/Add Job Regionalization Behavior:  Resolved an issue relating to the customer information disappearing when changing the Region assignment on a new Job added to an existing Bin.
    • [TFS 6053] Missing Document Print and Export Icon:  Fixed an issue where the Documents Print and Export Icons disappeared.  The issue was triggered after generating a Document and leaving the Document screen to make changes to the Job.  Then when going back to the Document the Print and Export icon was no longer showing.
    • [TFS 6095] Scope of Work:  Resolved issue saving the Scope of Work when importing the content from another file.
    • [TFS 6134] URG Next Action / Proposal Due Dates:  Resolved a database error when changing the date on the Next Action or the Proposal Due columns on the Universal Report Grid.
    • [TFS 6105] Regionalization Changing Region and Job Type:  When Regionalization was activated in the system configuration settings; there existed Commission rules based on Job Type evaluation; and the system was connected to SedonaOffice; the system was unable to distinguish between Job Types being drawn from the two separate accounting databases.
    • [TFS 4264] Folder Name on Test & Inspect Grid:  Resolved an issue on the Test & Inspect grid where the Folder name was not refreshing when a Folder was renamed.
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