Release 0.6.7.x

WeOpportunity – Version 8.5.0


  • [TFS 6346 - #829] Notes:  Resolved an issue where an error was generated when entering left or right facing brackets i.e. < >.
  • [TFS 6599 - #1097]  Prospecting Dashboard Loading: Improved the load time of the prospecting dashboard.
  • [TFS 6596] Prospecting Dashboard Excel export: Resolved an issue where the activity owner column was not being exported to excel
  • [TFS 6597 - #1163] WeOpportunity Notes: Resolved an issue where spaces within WeOpportunity note were being replaced by ASCII Code
  • [TFS 6652 = #1217]  Email Verification: Improved on email verification to take into account double domain or extended domain names

WeEstimate  – Version


  • [TFS 6669] GP Adjust Screen: Resolved an issue where the checkbox "Do Not Show Again" was not saving on the GP Adjust Screen
  • [TFS 6669] Resolved an issue with labor refreshing when switching folder levels and using Job level labor.
  • [TFS 6578 - #1175] Accounting Contact  Resolved an issue where certain accounting contacts were not being accepted into WeEstimate jobs.
  • [TFS 6404] RMR 100%:  Resolved an issue in the Editor utility to allow a 100% calculation on a RMR item. 
  • [TFS 6420] Commission Calculation:  Solved an issue where commission was calculating on outright sales only when RMR was added.
  • [TFS 6436 - #1030] Negative Adjustment:  Resolved an issue where the system generated a duplicate key error when adding a negative quantity on a Change Order to the Negative Adjustment utility.
  • [TFS 6400] Labor Toolbar:  Resolved a case where the vertical toolbar on the labor grid was hidden based on configuration setup.
  • [TFS 6423 - #958] Adding Associated Part to Regionalized Parts:  Resolved an issue where adding an associated part was not taking into account the regionalization of that device
  • [TFS 6396] Default Document Template:  Resolved an issue where the default document chosen in My Settings was not being applied when creating a new quote package.
  • [TFS 6341 - #795] Sub-Contractor Taxes:  Resolved missing tax amount on the Sub-Contractor Charge Item from the Summary Report.
  • [TFS 6558] RMR Discount:  Resolved an issue where the RMR discount was not working properly for the Lease Module.
  •  [TFS 6522 - #1045] Adding Wire Items to Job:  
  • Resolved an issue where all Wire Items were being displayed in the Wire grid below regardless of what folder the Wire was in. 
  • Resolved an issue where the folder name on the Wire grid was not refreshing when a folder name was changed.
  • [TFS 6649] Search Of Quickbooks Contacts: Resolved an issue where certain Quickbooks contacts did not show up 
  • [TFS 6650] Labor from Copied Jobs: Resolved an issue where labor did not get copied over when copying a job. Specific to certain calculated labor fields
  • [TFS 6659] Charge Item Cost Refresh: Resolved an issue where the cost of a charge item within the folder tree did not auto refresh as charge item cost changed.



  •  [TFS 6233 - #704] Selecting Contract Tab:  Resolved an error when certain Program Options caused and error in QuoteAnywhere when selecting the Contracts tab
  • [TFS 6644 - #1258] Searching for WeSuite Parts: Resolved an issue where WeSuite parts were not available for search.
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