WeEstimate Version:


Please note this release has substantial changes to how the RCM Lease function works.

Please review with WeSuite Support if you are using RCM Lease before updating.

Also note that the WeEstimate Toolbar will be reset to default layout due to new toolbar options (RCM).

-- Bug Fixes related to RCM Toolbar when not using the module

New Features

7403  Added Loss reason into URG

7397 – Added Installation Date to URG  as 'Installation Date'


7031 - Added the ability to exclude RMR items from the RCM Calculation. 

RMR Items now have a new property Exclude from RCM

7230: New eOriginal Role selection screen. 

The drop down has been removed in favor of a grid to show all roles in the order that matches the setup. You can also setup roles in the Program Options screen.

7228 - Make RCM label a Numeric Editor on toolbar

 Added the ability to edit the RCM From the RCM Toolbar

7301 Streamlined lease selection when winning a job

--In previous versions a GP Adjust for Lease Jobs happened immediately after selection. We have changed this to have this happens only After the Job is saved as Won

Group Right : Custom Pricing on Sold
progtOpt right : useWinningInfo = true

7338 Added Part Detail for for Accounting. 

Any part added from Sedona will now have an "Accounting Detail Screen" which will provide additional information about the part coming from Sedona. This is great for team members who want to see multiple Sedona descriptions easily from within WeEstimate.

7343 Reduced restrictions on part import tool for system imports 

When completing a part import into the WeSuite Database, WeSuite will no longer require Description or Unit Cost. This will allow you to import an update to unite cost without overriding any changes to part descriptions you may have made. Manufacturer and Model are still required as these are the key indicators to match against. Please note this does not affect the import of parts directly into a job. Only import into the WeSuite Database


Bug Fixes

7390 - [WeEstimate] Sold as combo box not resetting labels properly when changing between Outright and Lease.


7397 Added RCM label when no estimate RCM has been selected.

7401 Resolved an issue with the Statistics loading error for certain jobs - [WeEstimate] Data Reader already Open error  [#2225] -


7402 – Resolved an issue where RCM would not reset when hitting user threshold


7255 – Resolved an issue where approval rejection does not pass back to correct group [#2181]

7414 – Resolved an issue where entering a Custom OPP ID in WeEstimate caused an issue when

7403 - Resolved an issue where Sedona Standard Cost was not applying when drag and drop

7520 - 6958,7509 Resolved several issues related to SAP Integration

7483 - Resolved an issue where charge item costs where not coming over properly when being used in a package

WeSuite API

6835 Modification to Authentication for Sedona Documents

Addressed a change to the WeSuite API integration into Sedona Documents. Now compatible with the latest Sedona API requirements

7359 Resolves issue where markup for charge items 

Resolved a case where charge item margin was divided by 100 twice.


7174 Prospecting Dashboard Views do not Save changes [#2147]


WeSuite GO

Not able to open RFQ leads [#1926]

Resolved an issue where disabled Sales Types prevented leads from being allowed to be RFQ'd

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