6757* Added the ability to assign tasks to Accounts this is visible through the Global Calendar as well as the individual Account Dashboard

7733 Added Contact Email to the WeOpportunity URG export

8551 Improved sorting for the WeOpportunity URG to sort across all pages [#3648]


Bug Fixes

7409 - Resolved an issue where Notes were incorrectly marked as a required filed in the Lead Import Utility [#2409]

7597 - Resolved an Issue where Opportunities were not being marked as lost when a WeEstimate Job was lost 

7640 - Resolved an issue were Contact Data Points were showing duplicate data [#2933]

6980 - Resolved an issue where Main Point of Contact changes did not get reflected in WeEstimate [#1532]

7028 - Resolved an issue where Prospecting Activity failed for certain types of contacts [#2120]

7174 - Resolved an issue where the Prospecting Dashboard Views did not save changes [#2147]

7595 - Resolved an issue where certain Sales Types were being saved as NULL [#2791]

7497 - Resolved an issue where Customer dashboard spacing of data points overlapped

 7640 - Resolved issues related to Customer dashboard data validation [#2933]






7842 - Added the ability to select the date job is won when marking a job as Won. Previously the system used the last updated date as the day job is won. The date prompt selection prevents users from accidentally missing this item.

7872 - Weighted Forecast - Added the ability to forecast using a weighted amount. Feature can be controlled within Tools -> Program Options -> Forecast

7872 - WeEstimate URG - Added Weighted Forecast Reporting to the WeEstimate URG

Forecast Descriptions now available

9037 - Flat Item export option added for Commission System URG


Bug Fixes

7659 - Added functionality behind Approval Setting to Allow email only when job is approved [#2958]

7602 - Resolved a misspelled word in GPM Adjust panel [#2858]

7591 - Resolved an issue related to Associated Parts and clients who have a regionalized system [#2878]

7645 - Resolved an issue where term for WeSuite RMR items was being defaulted incorrectly (Sedona Integration) [#2601]

7687 - Resolved an issue where Charge Items where not being calculated within packages when a percentage of Labor 

7687 - Resolved an issue where certain users were getting an error when double clicking on the URG column.  [#3170]

7564 - Resolved an issue where Commission was not calculating correctly when using Job Types as a rule [#1641]

6959 - Resolved an issue when clicking on Latest Pricing (SAP Integration) [#2038]

7627 - Resolved an issue were SOW was getting cut off due to special characters [#2964]

7945 - Resolved an issue where SMTP email testing did not always send out [#3301]

8928 - Resolved an issue where users were unable to add a Bill To when Quoting to Contractor [#4060]

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