Expands the search results when searching for a customer in the ‘Start New Project’ screen

Automatically creates a quote package upon creation of a new job


Bug Fixes


17501 – Resolved an error where if you selected a checkbox other than the checkboxes you selected when creating a new ‘Contracts’ document template it would result in an error #9308

17079 – Resolved an issue where labor would disappear on a level 2 folder if the folder was renamed #9078

16200 -  Resolved an issue where commissions were not calculating if you did not specify a job type upon initial creation of the job #8694

16158 – Resolved an issue where the document would always allow for export even if the group right ‘Document Export’ was unchecked #8680

15874 – Resolved an issue with not being able to click and drag columns within the Chargeable Items, RMR and Test & Inspect grids on the Estimate screen #8536

15784 – Resolved an issue where the GPM of a pricing contract was not taking precedent over the GPM of a package being used #8506

15635 – Resolved an issue where if you were using a post approval system and tried adding a test and inspect item when the ‘Ignore Test & Inspect Only’ was selected in the approval system it would still require the job to be post approved when it should ignore it #8362

15124 – Resolved an issue where an error would trigger if you deleted a Scope of Work template and then attempted to create a new quote package #8239

13802 – Resolved an issue with opening a job from a previously deleted approval system after it had been approved under a pre-approval or post-approval system #7372

13406 – Resolved an issue where the symbol that flags a folder as an optional folder was being removed if you attempted to change either the job type, system type, or phase #7146

13366 – Resolved an issue where changing the name of a folder would cause labor to disappear when you have a part with pre-existing labor on the job #7138

12936 – Resolved an issue with the contract templates where you were not able to select a checkbox after creating a new contract template #6827

12096 – Resolved an issue where in post-approval configuration, selecting a job type after selecting ‘Use Job Types’ would result in an error #6300

11767 – Resolved a text size issue with the pop-up window under the ‘Forecasting’ tab on the Estimate screen #6050



Bug Fixes


17034 – Resolved an issue where in the ‘Prospecting Goals’ tab when you went to select ‘Copy Goals,’ it defaulted to the year 2016 and not the current year #9052

17010 – Resolved an issue with being unable to sort tasks in the ‘Task & Schedule’ tab #8994

16399 – Resolved an issue where the ‘Accounts Dashboard’ screen was not displaying the Total Sales associated to the customer #8705

16260 – Resolved an issue where the ‘Notify Owner’ box would not trigger an email to the shared owner of the lead, only the original owner of the lead #8690



Bug Fixes

15275 – Resolved an issue where within ‘Prospects,’ the ‘+’ icon would disappear when searching for a name #8277


QuoteAnywhere G2.0


1. Login Screen

  • Secure Login

2. Welcome Screen

  • Start New Project (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3)
  • Add Job to Existing Project (i.e. J2) –  for all Folder Levels
  • Lead from WeOpportunity creates Job in QA – Existing Jobs
  • Add Change Order to Won Job
  • Open Existing Jobs:
  • Show recent Jobs Opened – Shows LAST Job User Saved in QA or Last Job WeEstimate
  • Select/Open recent Job
  • Start New Project
  • Enter Project Title
  • Enter/Search Customer Name
  • Select Folder Levels 1, 2, 3

3. Customer Screen

  • Search Customer Names
  • Create New Customer
  • Replace selected Customer Name
  • Select Site/Billing Address
  • Create new Site/Billing Address
  • Remove Site/Billing Address from Job
  • Search/Assign Main Point of Contact
  • Create New Main Point of Contact
  • Edit/Replace Main Point of Contact
  • Manipulate “Billing” Contact (Assign/Update/Replace/Remove)
  • Manipulate “Backup” Contact (Assign/Update/Replace/Remove)
  • Manipulate “On Site” Contact (Assign/Update/Replace/Remove)

4. Job Screen

  • Create & Add Folders: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3
  • Rename Folders
  • Remove Folders
  • Remove Parent & Child Folders
  • Retrieve Folders & Job Totals per Element (Material, Labor, CI, RMR)
  • View Folder Details: Materials / Parts
  • View Material Items: Related Labor Details & Totals
  • View Folder Details: Labor
  • View Folder Details: Chargeable Items
  • View Folder Details: RMR Services
  • Search / Add Material Items
  • Search / Add Packages (as Lease, Outright, Flat Lists or Package Group)
  • Search / Add Material Items: Related Labor
  • Search / Add Labor Categories 
  • Search / Add Chargeable Items
  • Search / Add Services
  • Edit Material Items (Quantity, Sell)
  • Edit Material Items: Assigned Labor quantity
  • Edit Labor Hours
  • Edit Chargeable Items
  • Edit Service Items
  • Remove Material Items from Folders
  • Remove Labor Items from Folders
  • Remove Service Items from Folders

5. Document Screen

  • Select Proposal Document Template
  • Select Predefined “My Proposal Templates” User Proposal Page/Pricing Templates
  • Custom select Proposal Document Page/Pricing Check Boxes
  • Select & Assign Proposal Cover Letter / Scope of Work Templates
  • Add / Edit Cover Letter body / Scope of Work / Custom Text Items / Terms & Conditions (WS Doc Editor) to Proposal Documents
  • Edit Terms & Conditions within WeSuite Document Editor with Password
  • Preview Proposal Documents
  • Select Contract Document(s) for a Quote Package
  • Select Predefined Contract Custom Item Check Boxes
  • Custom select Contract Check Boxes On/Off (i.e. custom items)
  • Add / Edit Scope of Work for Contracts
  • Preview Contract Document
  • Preview All Proposal & Contract Documents in Quote Package
  • Write Email body prior to emailing Proposal/Contract Documents
  • Send Proposal/Contracts via email
  • Add Recipients to Email
  • e-Sign: Assign Customer / User to e-Sign Process
  • e-Sign Proposals/Contracts on Mobile Device (iPad, tablet)
  • Email Proposal/Contract Documents for e-Sign
  • Create Revisions Proposals Based on Existing Estimate
  • Rename Revisions
  • Delete Revisions

6. Summary Screen

  • Review Job Content Views (Flat List, Packages, Folder)
  • Export to Excel
  • General Information: Set / Save Forecast

7. Site Survey

  • Add Packages
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