New Crystal Runtimes are required for use of version R6.0 and up.  Please contact WeSuite Support at to receive the installation files prior to deployment of this release to your environment.

IMPORTANT!! WeSuite Support needs to schedule document configuration to align with new required configuration settings prior to deployment. To schedule this work, please reach out to


Bug Fixes

18999 - Resolved: Adding a shared owner to a lead would not log the change in the 'History' tab #10135

18899 - Resolved: Adding a 'Proposal Due Date' to a lead would not reflect the correct time in the 'History' tab#10043

18877 - Resolved: Viewing a contract if the system is configured to have default folders #9884

18874 - Resolved: Site loading scripts from unauthenticated sources and flagging the site as insecure #10035

18849 - Resolved: Customer search within a 'Regionalized' WeSuite system did not default to the Region users belonged to #9909

18784 - Resolved: Setting a lead to 'RFQ' to be created in WeEstimate would throw an error on the Customer Screen and reflect a different Main Point of Contact #9865

18739 - Resolved: Counts of every row were displaying in the 'Lead Management' screen instead of only a count on the 'Leads' #9798

18717 - Resolved: Lead creation for existing accounting customers #9776

18716 - Resolved: Lead creation for passing, from Sedona customers #9696

18595 - Resolved: Setting a lead to 'RFQ' to be created in QuoteAnywhere G2.0 would cause an error #9647


WeSuite Go!

Bug Fixes

19151 - Resolved: WeSuite Go! not working for Android users #10398




8247 - Improved: PSA API interface #3809

Bug Fixes

19121 - Resolved: Jobs were not being filtered correctly in the Universal Reporting Grid #10349

19120 - Resolved: Adding a subcontractor Chargeable Item to the Estimate, the subcontractor contact information would not display #10357

19114 - Resolved: Unable to edit the accounting parts search threshold in Program Options #10334

19113 - Resolved: Creating a quote package with the new Document Editor would cause issues with editing the Scope of Work &Cover Letter #10293

19103 - Resolved: Creating a new customer in the 'Add New Project' screen, the 'State' field would only populate '-999' as an option #10266

19087 - Resolved: Import parts with labor hours associated to them #10268

19070 - Resolved: Adding a package to the Estimate would not display unless the job was closed and reopened #10246

19035 - Resolved: Creating a job with an associated contract, open market parts and contract parts were populating #10220

18920 - Resolved: Parts added to an estimate with a $0.00 sell price would not calculate based on the configured region's default Gross Profit Margin, "GPM" #10051

18919 - Resolved: Tax calculations were not being applied to the Estimate after selecting 'Cost & Sell' of 'Materials' within the 'Tax' tab on the Estimate screen #10052

18895 - Resolved: Supporting Documents and Dictionary file locations in Program Options were removed after deployment #10044

18890 - Resolved: Isolated issue with generating contracts with the new document editor #10047

18858 - Resolved: Creating a new contact in the 'Add New Project' screen #9992 

18841 - Resolved: Isolated issue with sending documents for electronic signing

18714 - Resolved: Adding multiples of the same RMR item when creating/editing a package #9757

18575 - Resolved: Adding a part to a folder with the 'MFGR folder are on' view enabled would not add the part to the folder #10228

18004 - Resolved: Automated Approval Systems: Error message misspelling at creation of two identical rules #9469

13331 - Resolved: Could not search for a job on the 'Dashboard' screen that had a numeric value in the job title #7129

10821 - Resolved: Error would result if the job title had an apostrophe #5486

9246 - Resolved: Default data list value was not being added to new jobs #4809

9079 - Resolved: Removing a post-approval group would result in the inability to view the job to be approved if you belonged to that removed group #4657


QuoteAnywhere G2.0 & Site Survey

Bug Fixes

19116 - Resolved: Adding and/or manipulating objects and parts on the Site Survey canvas. #10350

19080 - Resolved: Right-clicking on a part in the 'Site Survey' screen, the Parts options menu would not display #10264

18748 - Resolved: Job would not retain selected proposal templates after closing and reopening the job #9673

18727 - Resolved: Templates not displaying correctly on the 'Send Document by Mail' tab of the Document screen #9674

18726 - Resolved: Default folder was not created upon RFQ'ing a lead from WeOpportunity to be created in QuoteAnywhere G2.0 #9723

17239 - Resolved: DocuSign, when in the process of signing, close the job and reopen, the signing process would be discontinued

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