Before using QuoteAnywhere G2.0 on your system, please ensure you have the .NET framework 4.7.2 below installed on the server where the QuoteAnywhere and API sites are hosted:


Bug Fixes

21318 - Resolved: Creating a task via the Task Manager was not auto-populating the customer name in the 'Subject' line #13059

21070 - Resolved: WeOpportunity AutoSynch service was populating deactivated users #12645


Bug Fixes

21462 - Resolved: Editing the description of an RMR item in 'Editors' resulted in an error #13427

21409 - Resolved: Changing the calculation percentage on a chargeable item or RMR item calculated against equipment sell would result in an error #13345

21397 - Resolved: Winning a job would require an authorization type to be selected when it was not flagged as required in the system #13143

21384 - Resolved: Adding an associated part when the system has the program option Ignore Default Margin for Zero Sell Parts set to 'True,' the sell price of the accounting part would carry over to the job with a sell price of $0 #13160

21382 - Resolved: Flagging a contract as 'Sent' would unselect the current quote package #13244

21381 - Resolved: 'Sent' date for UTC time zone #13186

21380 - Resolved: Isolated issue where a negative sell price on a part resulted in an error #13132

21366 - Resolved: Applying a discount to a job would round incorrectly #13150

21365 - Resolved: Opening a job on behalf of another user to send out a contract for electronic signing with eOriginal would inherit the user you log in as instead of using the actual owner of the job #13114

21335 - Resolved: Isolated issue where flagging quote package as sent on specific jobs resulted in an error #13075

21295 - Resolved: Editing the Billing Address on Customer screen would not save changes #13017

21191 - Resolved: Gross Profit Margin refresh issue when adding labor hours to a job #12798

20445 - Resolved: Associated parts with an accounting link were populating in the database as empty for those parts that were associated to another WeSuite part #10952

QuoteAnywhere G2.0 & SiteSurvey

Bug Fixes

20898 - Resolved: Accounting RMR default term is not populating correctly when an RMR item is added to the job #12434

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