Before using QuoteAnywhere G2.0 on your system, please ensure you have the .NET framework 4.7.2 below installed on the server where the QuoteAnywhere and API sites are hosted:



20903 - When RFQ'ing a lead, modifications made to the text within popup to be more clear and concise, particularly when adding or changing the billing address #12448

Bug Fixes

20469 - Resolved: Adding a task via the Global Schedule wouldn't have on the calendar unless the browser is refreshed #11885

20264 - Resolved: Editing the username in 'My Settings' < 'Auto Synch Settings' for the purpose of enabling auto-synch would not save the newly added username, only the password #11621


Bug Fixes

21264 - Resolved: Isolated issue for a client where the dashboard figures were not matching the figures on the Estimate screen #13019

21237 - Resolved: Isolated issue for a client where the RCM lease calculation's set factor was not calculating correctly and would not allow for editing of changing specific values #12923

21231 - Resolved: Error when flagging a quote package as sent when there were more than 4 existing quote packages on the job #12982

21229 - Resolved: Documents that were getting sent out via eOriginal were getting sent to all recipients at the same time instead of following the role order that is set in the system #12971

21227 - Resolved: Isolated issue where a WeSuite representative was an option to select as the job owner #12933

21225 - Resolved: Selecting a different template on a contract and generating the quote would not reflect the recently selected contract template you saved on the generated quote #12928

21224 - Resolved: After an update to a client's system, the main point of contact was changing on some existing jobs #12927

21221 - Resolved: If you had an RMR item from your Sedona system added to a job, the default rate would not carry over and default to zero instead #12924

21217 - Resolved: Refresh issue when selecting between one contract and another when using custom text items #12925

21216 - Resolved: Scope of work was being overwritten if you attempted to enter a new scope of work for a contract when a scope of work for the proposal already existed #12916

21204 - Resolved: Issues with display of the business forms when used in WeEstimate #12865

21198 - Resolved: RMR quantity on the Estimate screen was being displayed as '01.50' instead of '1.50' #12793

21192 - Resolved: When sending contracts for electronic signature with eOriginal, only one contract would be flagged as sent instead of all the contracts that were sent #12857

21152 - Resolved: When receiving emails to sign a contract with eOriginal, the customer's name was populating in the email header instead of the sales representative's name #12749

21110 - Resolved: When the program option 'Default Test Inspect Link' is set to True and this is linked to a default RMR item, the item for the job was not being added until you added a test and inspection item #12702

21090 - Resolved: If you added a chargeable item to a job and then deleted that item from 'Editors,' you were unable to remove that chargeable item on the job itself #12684

21043 - Resolved: Adding an item in the 'Additional Approvals' tab would result in an error #12622

20942 - Resolved: When approving a job via post-approval, it set the 'Won' date as the date the job was created instead of using the date you set it to #12511

20928 - Resolved: Program option 'Copy Main Contact as Note for Accounting' was not working, adding a note to a customer for the purpose of it transferring to Sedona would add the note but would not carry over the customer information when the job was imported #12492

20905 - Resolved: If a rule was in place to require approval for jobs that are greater than 50% GPM, the approval system would not trigger the requirement if a job surpassed this amount unless the job was closed and reopened #12438

20829 - Resolved: Opening a summary report for a change order from the dashboard would not open and cause an error #12326

20212 - Resolved: Jobs that had a status of 'In Engineering' and were passed to a salesperson the 'Due Date' on the job was changing #11568

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