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Bug Fixes

20825 - Resolved: Users could not edit a task within a lead they own that was passed to them from another user #12323


Bug Fixes

21012 - Resolved: 'Send to Customer' option on the Document screen would not attach a PDF to the email sent out to the customer #12589

21011 - Resolved: Customer search does not show name updates for customers coming from Sedona #12571

21010 - Resolved: Modifying the quick quantity of a part when added to the job would not update labor hours properly if the quantity was greater than one #12590

21009 - Resolved: All RMR items displayed in the Estimate screen reflected 'Direct Charge' even if some items were configured to be calculated off of a certain field #12579

21006 - Resolved: Pre-Approval tab was not color coordinating to illustrate status of the approval #12584

21005 - Resolved: Contact search was only displaying the businesses the contact was associated to and not the full name of the contact #12597

20979 - Resolved: Issue related to DocuSign that was isolated to one client #12536

20978 - Resolved: Issues related to DocuSign using the merge document feature isolated to one client #12537

20976 - Resolved: Dashboard total amount was doubling for Lvl2 jobs and tripling for Lvl3 jobs #12520

20975 - Resolved: Editing an accounting part from Parts Editor resulted in an error #12525

20914 - Resolved: Sell price on parts not getting pulled into Sedona if the system was configured to have the sell price control the GPM in Program Options < Markups #12464

20902 - Resolved: Default folders in a system were not displaying on jobs with Lvl2 folders #12447

20842 - Resolved: Packages added to a job did not allow for the ability to edit Accounting RMR items from that package in the Estimate screen #12337

QuoteAnywhere G2.0 & SiteSurvey

Bug Fixes

20875 - Resolved: Objects were not displaying in the SiteSurvey screen that were created in WeOpportunity #12428

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