New Crystal Runtimes are required for use of version V6.0 and up. Please contact WeSuite Support at to receive the installation files prior to deployment of this release to your environment.

IMPORTANT!! WeSuite Support needs to schedule document configuration to align with new required configuration settings prior to deployment. To schedule this work, please reach out to


Bug Fixes

19352 - Resolved: Setting a lead to 'RFQ' status would not allow addition of a billing address #10629


Bug Fixes

19320 - Resolved: Creating a one-time part on a job would not carry over labor into the calculated sell total of the job #10595

19316 - Resolved: Adding a WeSuite part with a value in the 'ListPrice' column to a job would default to a value of zero #10560

19265 - Resolved: Latest pricing tool would not update parts for clients who are not connected to an accounting system #10412

19182 - Resolved: Newly added pages to a document template were not generating when selected #10413

17620 - Resolved: Refresh issue when deleting a quote package on the Document screen

15364 - Resolved: Adding a package to an estimate that contained a part description with more than 200 characters #8328

15348 - Resolved: Multiple change orders made to a job that were created but not flagged as 'Won' were taking into account the previous change order's available number of parts and not using the original job's number of parts #8345

13797 - Resolved: Display issue with the 'Market' field in the 'Status' tab where it would flag as being required to fill out even if you have the system configured to not require this field #7407

QuoteAnywhere G2.0 & Site Survey

Bug Fixes

19339 - Resolved: Originated Lead ID field in the 'General Information' tab was empty #10616

19338 - Resolved: Job Information screen was showing a 'Won' date of '1/1/1900' by default instead of using the date the job was flagged as 'Won' #10616
19337 - Resolved: General Information tab contained fields that were not capitalized #10616

19036 - Resolved: Parts symbols were not matching what was set in a package that had the same part #10205

18736 - Resolved: Default Scope of Work that you set in WeEstimate would not populate in QA G2.0 document screen

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