New Crystal Runtimes are required for use of version V6.0 and up. Please contact WeSuite Support at to receive the installation files prior to deployment of this release to your environment.

IMPORTANT!! WeSuite Support needs to schedule document configuration to align with new required configuration settings prior to deployment. To schedule this work, please reach out to


New Features & Enhancements 

QuoteAnywhere G2.0 Left Panel: "Create" button starts a new quote in QuoteAnywhere G2.0 without Lead creation.

Set Lead to RFQ status: At "New Proposal" information popup, select "Create and Open in QuoteAnywhere", which will create new estimate and open in QuoteAnywhere G2.0. Lead number is preserved with the Estimate. Please note: QuoteAnywhere G2.0 requires configuration and use of https (secure) URL from Client IT Department.

Maps & Pins Feature: Active again in WeOpportunity.

Notes in Account Dashboard: Lead owners will receive email notifications when notes are added at the Account Dashboard.

Bug Fixes

19366 - Resolved: Issues related to the 'maps' feature in WeOpportunity #10631

19104 - Resolved: Winning a lead would not update in the 'Leads by Count' report #10279


New Features & Enhancements

Always Add Taxes: Tools > My Settings > Estimate Tab: Users may select Tax selection: "Always Add Taxes" (option with use of Advanced Tax Module). Use of this feature will automatically add calculated taxes from the Site Address to the Estimate output for WeEstimate systems where "Location" based tax settings are configured. Requires use of the Advanced Tax Module. For systems not utilizing the Advanced Tax Module, this option will not be shown.

Cost Discount Updates GPM: Tools > My Settings > Estimate Tab: "Cost Discount Updates GPM" when selected (checked), the use of the "Discount Part Sale Cost" at the Bill of Materials will automatically adjust the gross profit margin for the job. When unselected (not checked) the applied discount will not be reflected in the gross profit margin of the job. The gross profit margin in this case will be based on the standard cost and default GPM of the part(s) from the database.

Default Terms & Conditions: Tools > My Settings > Documents Tab: Selection has been added, "Default Terms & Conditions" allowing Users with multiple Terms & Conditions pages in Proposals, to select a default "Term & Conditions" page. Users may change their selection at the Documents, Proposal Tab per Estimate.

Estimate Folders: All Estimates / Jobs will start with a Folder called "Estimate". Users may right click to rename. If system includes "default folders", the named default folders will override the "Estimate" folder.

Proposal Document Generation: WeSuite has completed work to optimize proposal document generation times.

Universal Reporting Grid: (Coming in next release) The following new columns will be added to the WeEstimate URG:

  • Due Date 
  • Status Changed Date
  • Approval Status
  • Approval Changed

Bug Fixes

19524 - Resolved: Labor hours were not recalculating when an edit was made on the Estimate screen #10774

19353 - Resolved: Changing the 'Code ID' of a unit in the RMR items grid would result in an error #10630

19316 - Resolved: Adding a WeSuite part to a job with a 'listprice' value would result in the 'mfgrlist' price value being set to zero #10560

19211 - Resolved: Auto-calculated labor was not calculating correctly and refreshes were not triggering automatically #10436

19183 - Resolved: Issue with mapping parts to be associated to an accounting environment #10407

19152 - Resolved: New users were not able to create a new folder if they wee not copied from another user #10387

12426 - Resolved: Unable to 'Save As' supporting documents if the description of the file exceeded more than 50 characters when the job was closed #5402

QuoteAnywhere G2.0 & SiteSurvey

New Features & Enhancements

QuoteAnywhere G2.0: Available in this release.

Site Survey: Now included with QuoteAnywhere G2.0 and rewritten using same technology.

Site Survey: New WeSuite Objects Library is included for use in adding context to hand drawn plans within the site survey.

WeOpportunity Leads: Automatically create a "job" or Estimate in QuoteAnywhere G2.0. Leads that have been "RFQ'd" from WeOpportunity can be found as jobs at the "Existing Jobs" button.

Document Screen: The creation of a "Quote Package" is automated. Users may select Proposal template check boxes for pre-set page and pricing configurations, or select "Custom" to check desired pages and pricing selections.

Bug Fixes

19529 - Resolved: Search criteria with special characters would not load #10784

19471 - Resolved: Searching for a customer in a stand-alone environment, e.g. not connected to an accounting environment, would not load #10749

19338 - Resolved: 'Job Won' date displayed '1/1/1900' as the won date instead of the date the job was flagged as 'Won' #10616

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