Please note that with deployment of this version, this will take into effect eOriginal's new security policy. Please ensure this is accounted for prior to deployment, otherwise this will cause issues when sending out proposals/contracts out for electronic signature.


Bug Fixes

14315 - Resolved an issue where associated parts were setting all child parts to a Zero GPM when one child part has a zero sales price #7577

13558 - Resolved an issue with incorrect spelling of 'pricing' on the 'Late Pricing' prompt window #7315

11403 - Resolved an issue where if you archived a job within a bin that has multiple jobs, in the 'Archived' tab, it would also display the other jobs associated to that bin, aside from the one job you archived #5788

WeSuite Go!

Bug Fixes

8789 - Resolved an issue where WeSuite Go prospective was not adhering to the group rights set in WeOpportunity #4440

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