Bug Fixes

15367 - Resolved an issue where the system would throw an error when changing the status of a job if you were missing a market in the 'Status' tab #8351

14693 - Resolved an issue with adding a test and inspect item and it not calculating the 'Monthly Cost' for the RMR item in the RMR grid #7920

14570 - Resolved an issue with adding a labor category when using the 'enter' key #7519

13943 - Resolved an issue with adding a part to a folder that contained an apostrophe in its name #7517


Bug Fixes

15505 - Resolved an issue where any dropdown option would stay on the screen if you scrolled up and/or down on the webpage #7996

14814 - Resolved an issue with receiving a 404 error when searching for a contact you recently imported #8013

14772 - Resolved an issue where if you created a lead, pre-existing information for a customer was not populating on the Contact screen #7996

13941 - Resolved an issue with creating a lead for passing would yield a 'Customer Opportunity Creation Failed' error #7333

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