WeEstimate Version:

  • Resolved Export defaulting to owner export location vs logged in export location
  • Resolved Job types refreshing on Extended Project View to all be the same after a folder is changed.
  • Changed RCM setup so that add is a normal button vs. built in grid button
  • [6794] Resolved an issue where Bin Passing removed any shared owners to a job
  • [6797] Resolved an issue where freight calculation were not accurate due to decimal rounding
  • [6834] [WeEstimate] Resolved an Issue With multiple Tier 2 Default Folders
  • [6983] - Improved calculation load time relating to Commission calculations. 
  • [6898] - Added RCM to RMR Toolbar
  • Resolved an issue where creating a new Group did not allow you to edit checkboxes until first saving the group
  • Resolved decimal place extension within the URG for Total Cost and Commission Split columns Totals
  • [6815] Resolved an Issue with synching  Change Order Revisions
  • Resolved an issue where duplicate Sites were not properly merging on New Project customer search screen. (Due to WeSuite and Accounting duplicates)
  • Resolved an issue where Part not saving from New Part Editor
  • Resolves an issue with AND/OR Logic Operand in Approval System


WeOpp Contacts are Populating A Different Name and Company[#1683]

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