Bug Fixes

21511 - Resolved: Creating a lead under a customer, including the required information, clicking the 'Continue' button more than once was creating the same lead multiple times #13523

21425 - Resolved: When configuring data lists, entries were capped at 100 items when there should be a page bar to filter through all existing data list items #13351

5977 - Resolved: Sort filters on the Accounts Dashboard producing correct results #369



21965 - Simple & Advanced Tax Configuration - Allow tax types to be marked as exempt

21729 - Removed 'Subject' line from the 'Email' tab on the Document screen

21162 - Exception check is triggered if RMR & Chargeable Items are not mapped to integrated accounting system

20918 - Commission Management System Module: Refactoring has been completed on the calculation logic to improve processing and reporting

13872 - Adding a Job to an existing Bin will inherit the previous customer information from the first job


Bug Fixes

22162 - Resolved: Creating a job under another user would make you the owner of that job and not the user #14428

22128 - Resolved: Dragging and dropping parts from an old folder into a new folder ignores the specified quantity you entered for that part #14435

22078 - Resolved: Copying a job that contains a lease package that had a part removed from that package resulted in an error #14174

22015 - Resolved: Changing the status of a job from 'In Engineering' to 'In Progress' would not trigger a subject prompt to send a message to the user #14260

21935 - Resolved: Copying a user to create a new user would not carry over people manager rights that were enabled #14002

21927 - Resolved: 'Estimate' spelled incorrectly in Tools < My Settings < Options #14083

21903 - Resolved: Winning a job removed the 'Current RMR' values on the job #14120

21902 - Resolved: Flagging a contract as 'Won' would remove the content of the job #14099

21899 - Resolved: Default folder on a job would not inherit the system type set for the job when RFQ's from WeOpportunity #13940

21878 - Resolved: Copying a job and selecting 'Quote to Contractor' in the field resulted in an error #13960

21823 - Resolved: Unable to remove/delete a supporting document from a job #13925

21706 - Resolved: Isolated issue where searching for a part with 'LTE' or 'DMP' resulted in an error #13748

21610 - Resolved: Labor tasks that were added to a system were not populating or being calculated on the job screen until you logout and log back in #13713

21609 - Resolved: Creating a change order on a Quote to Contractor job resulted in an error #13655

21608 - Resolved: Unable to change an accounting customer in the Customer Screen #13613

21589 - Resolved: eOriginal Contact Signing - selecting 'Sign All' option replaced salesperson's name in the email sent to customer #13677

21582 - Resolved: Document tab - Adding a 'Subject' to a document in the 'Email' tab would not save #13704

21581 - Resolved: System Configuration - Editing the upper and lower threshold values for RMR Discount would save the values in the incorrect rows

21460 - Resolved: Customer screen - Customer names from SedonaOffice exceeding 50 characters cut off at 50th character #12834

21459 - Resolved: Job title - Creating a Job Title exceeding 75 characters resulted in an error. Error message indicates 75 character limit. #13444

21408 - Resolved: Estimate screen - Gross Margin/Sale Price adjust tool. Advanced Options - labor hours added to the Job were reflecting incorrect labor percentage by 'Labor & Change By'#13203

21402 - Resolved: Packages that have been added to a job were displaying the billing frequency of RMR as numeric instead of alphanumeric values, e.g. 'Annual' or 'Monthly' #13131

21386 - Resolved: Isolated issue where customer could not expand 'Won' jobs to display the quote packages, change orders, etc. associated to that job #13282

20527 - Resolved: CSV Import - Field changes not saving #11919

QuoteAnywhere G2.0 & SiteSurvey


21931 - Document screen - Custom option for Documents relocated to first option at drop down selection

21733 - Summary of Job - Added a field 'Miscellaneous' to add items not featured in QA G2.0 but exist in WeEstimate to illustrate a lump sum of those items

Bug Fixes

22084 - Resolved: Creating a job revision and adding new items did not reflect Outright Sale total properly

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