Release 6.1.864


Bug Fixes

23934 - WeOpportunity URG: Opportunity Details: When filtering data, the 'Opportunity Summary' filters by data whereas the 'Opportunity Details' tab filtered by page, they should both filter the same way #11859


Bug Fixes

19151 - Login: Android Devices: Logging into WeSuiteGo with an Android device would fail if hosted by Sedona #10398


Bug Fixes

24109 - Accounting Tab: Exception Check: When attempting to map the system type during the accounting exception check, the values of the system type were displaying as numerical instead of the system type selected on the job #12022

24063 - Estimate screen: Setting an RMR Value: Isolated issue for a client where closing and reopening a job with an RMR value would intermittently cause an error when opening the job #11982

23905 - Estimate screen: System Types and Job Types: When RFQ'ing a lead from WeOpportunity into WeEstimate, the folders were not inheriting the system type and job type assigned to the lead #11800

22736 - Document screen: Insertion of Page Break: Applying a page break to either the Scope of Work, Custom Text or Cover Letter tabs, the generated proposal would not display the text separated on separate pages as set by the page break #10428

22276 - WeEstimate Deployments: Continuous Deployment: Deploying an update to a client would result in an issue with copying the latest files to the user's machine if the system was set to use continuous deployment #166

21424 - Estimate Screen: Deposit Amount on Job with RCM: Setting the deposit amount to be 100% of the job total sell would cause the RCM value on the job to zero out and removes the cost on the job #13361

QuoteAnywhere G2.0 & SiteSurvey

Bug Fixes

24118 - Job screen: Completion of Signing Process: After winning a job by completing the signing process from the Document screen, the contents of the job, e.g. parts, labor, RMR, were removed from the job and the outright sale would display as $0 #12062

24027 - Job screen: Miscellaneous Tax Calculation: When configuring simple tax as a cost & sell, the miscellaneous tax field is populating in the 'Summary' tab on the Job screen when it shouldn't be #11989

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