Release 6.4

IMPORTANT: Crystal Reports has issued new runtimes!! All WeSuite Clients are required to update to the current WeSuite release. WeSuite will end support of prior Crystal Reports Runtimes by mid-year 2022. Please coordinate updates with




24006 – New Lead Creation: Customer and Location Search / Results: an advanced search is available enabling search by specific Customer Name and Location (i.e. ABC Company, Miami, FL).  Search results will show by specific Customer Name and Location.

22461 – Universal Report Grid – WeEstimate URG: fields in WeOpportunity match available fields in the WeEstimate URG in WeEstimate.

Bug Fixes

24596 – Accounting Integration: SAP Business by Design - Prospecting Dashboard: Add New Activity: users were unable to select “Add new location” when creating a new activity for existing accounting customers. #12668

24679 – Accounts Dashboard: Account Tasks: when deleting an Account based “Task” an error would occur. #12742

24972 – Reports: Leads by Count Report:  after Leads were reassigned from one User to another, those Leads would not populate on the ‘Leads by Count’ Report. #13005

23773 – Settings: Group Rights: Opportunity Fields: when the “Is Visible” check box was unchecked, the corresponding Opportunity Field would still display within the Lead/Opportunity. #11612

23934 – Universal Report Grid: Opportunity Details Tab: results populating from User set filters and date range, were not displaying in accordance with set filters (i.e. data range, last updated date, etc.)

WeOpportunity - WeSuiteGo!


23466 – Lead Management: Lead Search Results: revised Lead search results to show only Leads that are assigned to the User or, Users that the User has the 'People Manager' rights.



24006 – Dashboard Screen: Add New Project - Customer By Location Search: an advanced search is available to allow search by specific Customer Name and Location (Street, City, State/Province) with search results shortened to include only the specific Customer Name and Location.

23464 – Document Screen: Document Checkbox Tree: users can view the document checkbox tree / selections for quote packages that have been flagged as 'Sent'.

22341 – Estimate Screen: Add One-Time Part – Added Category Field: added the field “Category” to the One-Time Parts creation in addition to the existing part fields.

23386 – Estimate Screen: Configuration Tab: changed the label for each category amounts to show as “Current $” and “Current %” from “Original $” and “Original %”.

22009 – Finance Lease Module: Added Minimum Gross Profit Margin Threshold: lease options may be configured to include a minimum Gross Profit Margin threshold percentage on the sale price. The monthly lease amount due would be calculated to include the minimum Gross Profit Margin threshold. For example, in cases where the “Rate Creation Multiple” is “0”, the minimum Gross Profit Margin threshold would be used to calculate the lease payment.

25286 – Fixed Price Contract Module: Select Fixed Price Contract at Estimate Screen: users may change the Fixed Price Contract selection for the estimate / job at the Status Tab. The change of Fixed Price Contract selection will reset the Job, removing any existing elements and requiring rebuilding the estimate.

18837 – Quote to Contractor Module: Auto-Select Single Proposal Template: if the WeEstimate system includes only one General Contractor Proposal Document template, the system will auto-select that template when loading the screen.

24455 – System Configuration: Group Rights: Uncheck “Allow New Projects” includes Job Copy and Change Order creation after BIN creation from Lead: when the “Allow New Projects” checkbox in Group Rights is not checked, ,to create a Lead and cannot create new job BINS.  However, will be able to copy Jobs and create Change Orders under “won” jobs. The Group Right is found under the Dashboard checkboxes.

Bug Fixes

24010 – Accounting Integration: SAP Business by Design: Accounting Export - Warranty Sell and Cost: when exporting a job for SAP Business By Design, the Warranty sell dollar value was saving in the Warranty Cost row and the Warranty Cost value was saving in the Warranty Sell row.  This has been corrected. #1234

24470 – Accounting Integration: SAP Business by Design: A change from Accounting for Customer Site or Billing Address Refreshes: after a change is made to an existing Customer Site Address or Billing Address from SAP Business By Design, the new address will be reflected at the Customer screen and the 'Start New Project' screen in search results. #12478

24693 – Automated Approval Module: Dashboard Screen: Approval History Tab: logging into the application would cause the application to crash when a User's Approval history exceeded the capacity allowed in Approval History tab. This has been corrected. #12644

22721 – Commissions Management Module: Manual Adjust Tab - Add Note: entering text at the Commission Adjustment Note Tab that exceeded 200 characters would cause an error within the application. This has been corrected. #10416

24878 – Customer Screen: Edit Contact Information: changes to Main Point of Contact information at the Customer screen would not save.  This has been corrected. #12885

24930 – Document Screen: Sent Quote Package: Left Screen Toolbar: selecting a sent quote package would remove the left screen toolbar. #12951

23337 - Document Screen: WeSuite Document Editor: Scope of Work – Add Image over 800 KB: when adding an image file to the Scope of Work and the image exceeded 800 KB, the Scope of Work would fail to save. Images added to the Scope of Work should total less than 2 MB. #11039

20064 - Document Screen: WeSuite Document Editor: Copied Bullet Format from MS Work: bullet formatting copied from Microsoft Word would not retain the formatting on the Scope of Work tab. #11393

24607 – Electronic Signature Integration: System Configuration: User Configuration - Associate eSign User: to enable electronic signature at the User level User Information tab, after selecting the User to edit, then selecting the User from the “Associate eSign User” dropdown and selecting “save”, the e-sign selection would not save. #12595

24605 – Estimate Screen: Associated Parts Added to Job Doubled: parts added to jobs / estimates that included Associated Parts, would double the quantity of the Associated Parts. #12616

24889 - Estimate Screen: Bill of Materials - Adjusted Unit Cost: when changing the unit cost of an item, the 'Adjusted Unit Cost' column was not refreshing to auto-calculate/reflect the new cost. #12345

24586 – Estimate Screen: Copy Job included Forecast: copying a job would incorrectly include Forecast information from the original job. #12345

23792 – Estimate Screen: Level 2 Default Folders: Missing Part Level RMR: jobs using Level 2 Default Folders would fail to populate Part Level RMR added to the job. #11555

24064 - Estimate Screen: Forecasting Tab – Jobs from QuoteAnywhere and the Site Survey: setting the “Probable Close Date” greater than “won” status date in QuoteAnywhere and the Site Survey would show in WeEstimate Forecast as one day ahead of the of the set date. #11989

23905 – Estimate Screen: Status Tab - Lead Job Type & System Type Not Showing: job type and System Type from Leads was not showing in State Tab. #11800

25120 – Estimate Screen: Tax Configuration Tab – Exclude Labor Refresh: setting Labor within the ‘Tax’ Configuration” tab to “Exclude” from tax calculations showed properly only after the job was closed and reopened. #13208

24925 – Login Screen: User’s Sub-Dashboard Records Exceeded: for Users with over 1,000 records within any of the sub-Dashboard screens (i.e. Quotes To Be Approved, Waiting for Approval, In Engineering, etc.) the application would prevent login. #12950

23134 – Mountain Standard Time Zone: Dashboard Screen: Copying Jobs:  for systems on MST, copying jobs after 5:30 PM would not show the copied job immediately, instead showing it the next day. Functionality updated to use UTC time zone for creation of jobs. #10782

13326 – Program Options: Proposal Default Font & Font Size Settings Ignored: when adding text to either the Cover Letter or Scope of Work, both would default to “Calibri” font size 11 and ignore the default font type and size set in Program Options. #6852

21492 – Standard Reports: Win - Individual Report: generating the 'Win-Individual' report would populate all Users' data instead of the selected User's data. #13493

24293 - System Configuration: User Configuration: User Thresholds Tab: when setting User thresholds for either the 'Lease Part GPM' or the 'Additional Hours' column, the changes made would not save and reverted to '0'. #12267

25018 – Test & Inspection Module (not connected to Accounting System): Tools: Editors: Test & Inspect Item – Add Item Cause Error: for WeEstimate systems not connected to an accounting system an error would result when adding new Test & Inspection Items. #13100

24920 – Tools: Part Import: Labor Categories Not Mapping: importing Parts Excels that include Labor Categories were not auto-mapping the Labor Categories to the database. #12925

24919 – Tools: Part Import: Error when Labor Hours = 0: if importing a Parts Excel that includes Labor Categories and any Labor Category contained hours as “0”, an import error would occur. #12921

QuoteAnywhere and the Site Survey


23866 - Accounting Integration: SedonaOffice: Customer Screen: Site and Billing Location Description Field: the “location description” field for Site Address and Billing Address exist and are editable by Users after adding a Site or Billing Address to a job. 

23073 – Job Screen: Adding Outright Sale Packages with Zero Parts: enabled the functionality to add Outright Sell priced Packages that contain parts with quantity of “zero” within the package to the Job. Line Item quantities within Outright Sell priced Packages are editable after being included on Jobs.

22643 – Job Screen: Change or Assign Folder Level: added the functionality for Users to be able to assign or edit the Folder Level at the Job screen. Screen lower left.

23635 – Job Screen: Outright Sale Package Quantity Edits: revising item quantities for Outright Sale Packages maintains the Package structure (does not make is a “flat list” of parts).

23620 – Job Screen: Package Line-Item Quantities of Zero and higher: line-item quantities within Packages show from “0” to multiple per item. (Prior – 0 quantity did not show, and items of 1 had no quantity indicator). This enables Users to identify all part / item quantities within Outright Sale Packages. (See 23073)

23599 – Job Screen: Sale Total “Sigma” Icon – Expand to Show “Miscellaneous” and Simple “Tax” calculations from System Configuration: clicking the 'Sigma' icon / sale total at the lower right Job screen now includes “Miscellaneous” sum (from system configured freight / warranty / burden) and “Tax” calculation total based on Simple Tax default setting in WeEstimate. Users may not change these calculations.

23036 – Site Survey Screen: Note Removal: added functionality to allow Note deletion at the Site Survey screen level. Right click on Note and select “Remove”.

Bug Fixes

25008 – Accounting Integration: Parts Icon Mapping Configuration: (WeEstimate) Tools: Parts Editor - Symbol Mapping: the checkbox “Alternate Criteria for Accounting” was not functioning. #13075

25009 – Accounting Integration: Part Icon Symbol Mapping for Connected Accounting System Parts: for systems connected to an accounting parts database, the WeSuite Part Icon Mapping Tool was not including accounting parts.  Accounting parts received the “default” Part icon. Configuration - see WeSuite Academy System Administrator Part Icon Mapping Guide. #13076

24149 – Accounting Integration: SedonaOffice: Summary Screen: Won Jobs Not Showing as Waiting for Accounting Import: job status change to “won” did not automatically submit the job to the Accounting Import queue. #12083

24236 - Document Screen: Document Default Font Settings from WeEstimate: the default font style / size set for User entered cover letter and scopes of work in WeEstimate was not defaulting to same in QuoteAnywhere. #12177

24336 – DocuSign Integration: Reinsert Documents for Signature: proposal / contract documents associated with a Quote Package were showing invalid email message and not allowing documents to be sent for signing unless, removed and re-inserted. #12306

24924 – Non-Accounting Integration Systems: Customer Screen: Add Location Error: for systems not integrated with an accounting system, adding a Site or Billing Address to a Customer would cause an error. #12835

23770 – Site Survey Screen: Copy Parts and Change Canvas Zoom: copying a part on the digital canvas and then changing the canvas zoom level would display the copied parts at a different size than the original parts. #11591


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