Release 6.5



24355 – Lead Management: New Opportunity Tab - Advanced Search Customer and Location: an “Advanced Search” button is introduced allowing search by Customer Name and Location simultaneously to produce specific. Enter a Customer Name and address information.  Address can be searched by the following together or separately: Address Line 1; City; State/Province; Zip/Postal Code. Search results are more specific and easier to review and select from.

Bug Fixes

22246 – Lead Management: My Employees: User Leads Not Sorting by Most Recent: when searching Leads under another User, the Leads were not listed from most recent to oldest. #14549




23457 – Automated Approval Module: Copy Approval Systems: Approval Systems may now be copied for use in creating new Approval Systems that may be similar.  WeEstimate, System Configuration, Approval Systems.

25407 – Automated Approval Module: Added Rate Creation Multiple “RCM” Based Rule: Approval Systems may be designed to include the base “RCM” (rate creation multiple) or “break even” month from WeEstimate as a variable when configuring pre-sale approval system rules.  For instance: an RCM greater than or equal to, or greater than i.e. 18 months requires approval prior to the estimate/proposal being provided to the customer.

24633 – Dashboard Screen: Copy Job Includes Copying Proposal & Contract Documents: Copying a job at the Dashboard screen will allow selection and inclusion of Proposal and Contract documents from the original Job. Proposal copy includes selected pages, check box pricing/presentations selections, the scope of work, Custom Text Items.

20873 – Electronic Signature Integration: Document Screen: eSign icon/button disabled after “Send”: after documents are sent for electronic signature, the “send for eSign” icon/button will be disabled to prevent accidental sending of the same sale multiple times for signature.  If the sale requires revision or, re-sending to recipients, Users must create a new quote package at the Document screen and send it for eSignature. This will overwrite prior sales sent for e-signature.

25286 – Fixed Price Contract Module: Estimate Screen: Status Tab: Fixed Price Contract Selection: Added a new selection for “Fixed Price Contract Selection” within the ‘Status’ tab enabling Users to select a Fixed Price Contract at the Estimate screen for the current job. Selection of the pricing contract will “re-set” the estimate to “$0”, removing any prior added parts, labor, Chargeable Items, and RMR.

24355 – New Estimate Creation: Advanced Search Customer and Location: a new ‘Advanced Search’ is introduced where Users can enter the Customer Name and Location information to receive more specific existing Customer results. Enter a Customer Name and Location one or multiple address information: Address Line; City; State/Province; Zip/Postal Code. Search results are more specific and easier to review and select from.

Bug Fixes

25047 – Accounting System Integration: Estimate Screen: Job Status Changeable After Accounting Exception: fixed a bug where the Job status could be changed at the “Status” tab after a Job was exported to the Accounting Job queue.  After export, the Status Tab will be inactive within the Job.

25721 – Accounting Integration Selection: Program Options: Change Accounting System to Other Resulted in Error: after setting the selection of Accounting System to “Other” and reopening the ‘Accounting Interface’ produced an error. #13652

25161 – Accounting Integration - ISM: Estimate Screen: Import Job to Accounting Customer Notes: when Job was imported to Accounting, Customer Notes did not transfer with the imported Job. #13269

25725 – Accounting Integration - ISM: Estimate Screen: Win Job: when Job was marked as won selection of the  “Accounting” tab resulted in an error. #13652

25731 – Accounting Integration - SedonaOffice: Accounting Parts with Labor Showed Labor Hours as 0: including parts from SedonaOffice with associated labor to the job would result in Labor hours showing as zero at the Labor Tab. #13672

25608 – Automated Approval Module: System Configuration: Approval System Configuration: Additional Approvals Error: after including an “additional approval” item to an Approval System and assigning the Approval System to Users, Jobs for those Users would throw an error. #13599

24597 – Automated Approval Module: System Configuration: Approval System Regional Priority Not Recognized: Approval Systems created with “Regional Priority” and assigned to Users were not being recognized. When quoting outside of the User’s Region, the default User Region was recognized instead. #12658

25974 – Dashboard Screen: Search by Customer Includes Archived Jobs in Current: Resolved an issue where if searching by a Customer Name on the Dashboard screen, archived jobs would populate in the ‘Current’ tab of the search results #13848

26079 – Dashboard Screen: Start New Project: Region Selection not Responding: Resolved an issue whereby when a User creates a Job selecting a Region different from their default Region the job remained defaulted to User’s Region. #13983

25949 – Estimate Screen: Change Order Flagged As Sent: Negative Adjustment Error: Resolved an issue where after a Change Order quote package was flagged as sent, making a negative adjustment to a Folder within the Job caused an error. #13825

24604: - Estimate Screen: Device Location Field Large Text Error: when large amount of text was entered in the ‘Device Location’ field of a part, it would cause a truncation error.  The field character limitation has been increased. #12667

25729 – Reports Screen: Office Selection Not Showing When Generated: when Users generate a pre-defined report with Office selection, the selected Office would not show in the report. #13609

25252 – Test and Inspection Module: Tools: Editors: Regional Test and Inspect Item Assignment: creating Test and Inspection items with specific Region assignment caused issue where Users were able to select items that did not belong to their assigned Regions. #13311

26016 – Universal Report Grid: Multiple Selection/De-selection of Users for Report Produced Varying Report Results: after selecting / de-selecting people to query and show results for multiple times, the number of report records would differ. #13937


QuoteAnywhere and the Site Survey


 24283 – Finance Lease Module: Introduced for Use:  for Clients using the Finance Lease Module, lease selections configured in WeEstimate are now available for selection and use. The use of this features allows Users to estimate monthly “lease” available by your company when creating a sale within QuoteAnywhere and the Site Survey, making the finance option available for the buyer.  The initial deposit (upfront money) and the “RCM” value (months to break even on the overall leased/financed amount) will show.  Configuration of offers is completed in WeEstimate. Users may include additional RMR services on sales.

Bug Fixes

25145 – Document Screen: Email to Customer Text Unreadable: when text was entered in the body of the email to the customer, the text in the email received was unreadable. #13207

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