Release 6.6



25312 Sales Tools: Global Schedule: Grid View: several new features introduced in the “Grid View” enabling filtering by Dates, Start/Due, Task Status’, Task Types, and Category, as listed below to allow better review of Users activities within WeOpportunity and to export results to an Excel worksheet. Please note: the list below is listed per the layout in the application versus alphabetical order.

Global Schedule: Date Filters: drop down selection of: Yearly / Year, Quarterly / Quarters, Monthly / Months, Weekly, or Date Range.

Filter On - defaults to “Start On” and includes “Due On” as an alternate selection.

Task Status – show status of Tasks: “All”, “Active”, “Overdue”.  Default is “All”.

Task Type – dropdown selection of Task Type configured and available for selection of one or multiple values.

Category – dropdown selection of categories available for filtering and allows selection of multiple values.

Export to Excel – the “Export to Excel” button exports grid data to an Excel workbook based on the included data fields and in the left to right order of the data.


Grid Data Field Filtering - drag data columns to grid “header” to enable sorting of data for up to (5) five data fields. The order of the sort follows the order of the fields left to right.

Name and Save Data Views – create and save named data “views” that include data in order (left to right and sorted by) as configured by the User.

Bug Fixes

27226 - Settings: Import Utility: Contact Name: Resolved an issue where contact names were not always showing after import. #15351 

27082 - Settings: Data Points: Add / Edit Data Points: Resolved an issue where selections from the required “Field” drop down were not saving. #15026



ADI Integration -

24633 - Dashboard Screen: Copy Job: Proposals and Contracts Included: Copied Jobs, will include the Proposal and Contract Documents. The Proposal Document will include the Scope of Work, Custom Text Items and Proposal pages / sections / pricing selected at the Document checkboxes.

26596 - Dashboard Screen: Copy Job: Quote Package Name: When copying a Job at the Dashboard to a new Job, the associated Quote Package (from the copied Job) will update to the name of the new Job. Users may change the name as desired within the new Job.

26199 - Document Screen: 'Cancel' Option for Proposal Document Generation: (Requires use of the WeSuite Document Editor). When generating a new proposal document within a Job/Estimate, a “Cancel” button is available to stop document generation prior to completion.

26820 – DocuSign: Program Options: eSignature Interface: Custom Email Subject & Email Body: the eSignature interface for DocuSign has been enhanced to enable control of what is displayed in the Email Subject line and email body, when DocuSign invitations are sent from WeSuite. Two new parameters have been added within the interface:

DocuSign - Email Subject – enables typing of custom text, up to 100 characters, at the “Value” field to represent the standard email Subject Line (which will also include the WeSuite Job number and Title) for outgoing DocuSign emails from WeSuite.

DocuSign - Email Body (HTML file) - the configuration will hold an HTML file of up to 10,000 characters. The HTML file is persisted when the DocuSign e-signature process is initiated from WeSuite requiring an email to be sent as part of the signing process. After loading the HTML file, the name will show in the “Value” field. To change a previously loaded file, click within the “Value” cell, select, and save the new HTML file.

24992 - DocuSign Integration: Reminder Signing Emails: Introduction of notification reminders for DocuSign. Configuration of initiation of notification reminder emails and timing is completed by each WeSuite Client within their DocuSign Account Settings.

26801 – DocuSign Integration: System Configuration: Revisions to DocuSign Group Rights: User rights have been separated to enable greater control as indicated below:

DocuSign Integration: System Configuration: Group Rights: DocuSign – Add, Delete, and Reorder Recipients: this User right allows Users to add or delete a recipient, and/or reorder the order of recipients for review and signing.

DocuSign Integration: System Configuration: Group Rights: DocuSign – Allow Editing Contact Type: this User right allows Users to reselect the Contact Type within the WeSuite DocuSign interface prior to sending the sale for signature.

26759 – DocuSign Integration: System Configuration: User Setup: DocuSign User Search: a User search has been added at the DocuSign user selection / assignment drop-down versus scrolling through the list of all active WeSuite Users. Enter the characters of a Username in the search to get results.

26767 – DocuSign Integration: System Configuration: User Setup: DocuSign User Selection/Assignment: User Email Address Added: the email address of each user will show next to the User’s name within the drop-down selection to ensure users with the same first and last name may be distinguished from each other for selection and assignment.

25047 - Estimate Screen: Job Status Change After Inserting into Accounting Queue: To prevent changes the “Job Status” after Jobs are exported to the accounting queue, the Job Status field will not be active.

26195 - Estimate Screen: One-Time Part: Added Field for Manufacturer Part Number:  an additional field for “Manufacturer Part #” has been added to the One-time Part screen. This to distinguish between a Manufacturer Part number and internal part number entered at the Part # field. 

26198 - Program Options: New Program Option: Limit Days for Job Copy: A new Program Option is added to prevent copying Jobs (at the Dashboard) older than the specified “Copy Paste Limit” number of days. This limitation is to help avoid errors caused by Jobs with information no longer valid in the database (i.e. parts, pricing, etc.).

Bug Fixes

27364 - Accounting Integration: SAP Business By Design: Estimate Screen: Cannot Export Change Orders: Resolved an issue where the “Export to Accounting” button was not available for Change Orders. #15455

26990 -Accounting Integration: SedonaOffice - Chargeable Items from SedonaOffice: Tax Value Displaying Incorrectly: Resolved an issue where use of Chargeable Items from SedonaOffice and a tax calculation was included the tax value in the Folder Summary was causing a display issue on the proposal document. #15079

26868 -Automated Approval Module: Estimate Screen: Approval History Not Displaying Chronologically: Resolved an issue where the order of action for Job Approvals was not displaying chronologically from first record = initial action to last record = latest action completed. #15025

27012 - Customer Screen: Contacts Associated with Customers Not All Displaying: Resolved an issue where not all Contacts associated to Customers displayed unless the Contact Company Name was the same as the Customer name. #14502

27024 - Dashboard Screen: Archived Jobs Not Showing Withing Archive Tab After Search: Resolved an issue where archived Jobs were not showing within the “Archive Tab” unless the setting “Include Archived Jobs on Search” was enabled in “My Settings”. #15116

26633 - Dashboard Screen: New Project: Search Results Include Deactivated Customers: Resolved an issue where search results at new Job creation included “deactivated” Customers. #14632

26484 - Document Screen: Custom Text Item, Scope of Work Default Font & Size: Resolved an issue where the default font style and size was generating with Times New Roman causing users to reset the correct font style and size. (27151) (26262)

26311 - Document Screen: Scope of Work Deleted After Job Sent for Electronic Signing: Resolved an issue where the document scope of work is removed from the Job after documents are sent for electronic signing. #14260

27054 - Document Screen: Scope of Work Update: Resolved an issue where if an older Job was opened and the User updated the Scope of Work in the existing Quote Package, the updated Scope of Work did not save. #15133

27093 - Estimate Screen: Clicking Empty Folder Causes Error: Resolved an issue where clicking on an empty Job Folder caused an object reference error. #13848

26723 - Estimate Screen: Discount Cost Button Inactive on Single Part Jobs: Resolved an issue where unless multiple part were added to a Job, the “Discount Cost” button would function. #14770

26842 - Estimate Screen: Gross Profit Margin Percentage When Modifying Unit Cost: Resolved an issue where after a part is added to a Job and the Unit Cost is then changed to $0, the GPM percentage remained unchanged.  #14902

26550 - Estimate Screen: Excel Part Import to Job Folder: “Location”, “Part Note” Not Importing: Resolved an issue where “Location” and “Part Note” are not populating after Excel import to a Job. #14499

27140 - Estimate Screen: Default GPM Not Calculating Sell Price Parts and Chargeable Items: Resolved an issue where the default Gross Profit Margin, was not calculating sell price for Parts and Chargeable Items. #15183

27154 - Estimate Screen: Use of Project Level Labor and Tax Configured to “Sum Only”: Resolved an issue where after labor is added to Jobs using Project Level Labor and the Tax configuration is set to “Sum Only”, the calculated sum was being added to the Sell Total, instead of summing only. #15235

27138 - Program Options: eSignature Interface: Encrypted Fields Prohibited DocuSign Invites: Resolved an issue where three encrypted e-signature interface fields were prohibiting sending electronic signature invitations to customers.  #15217



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