Release 6.7

WeSuite Will Introduce New Release Numbering in Upcoming Release:

With the introduction of the next release expected end of year, releases will now include a common identifying release number across the WeSuite platform. This is to make it easier for clients to know the release they are on regardless of products in use. Release numbers will follow this format: 2022.Major Release #. Incremental update #. For example: 2022.1.0.  The zero will change based on incremental updates prior to the next major release.



28069 – Sales Tools: Global Schedule: Grid View: Proposal Due Date Added to Task Type List: The ‘Proposal Due Date’ has been added to the Task Type selection list when editing Lead tasks in the Global Calendar “Grid View”.

Bug Fixes

27237 – Accounting Integration: SedonaOffice: Lead Management: Existing Leads Tab: Accounting ID 0: Resolved issue where the SedonaOffice Accounting ID for existing leads displayed as ‘0’. #15371

27282 - Lead Management: 'Sold' Lead Status not saving entered RMR and Sold Amount: Resolved issue where after Opportunity status set to 'Sold’ in WeOpportunity, the data entered for 'RMR' and 'Sold amount' was not saving. #15458

27455 – RFQ to WeEstimate Completed: New BIN Estimate Folder no Labor Categories: Resolved issue where after RFQ status complete, the new Estimate BIN in WeEstimate did not show labor categories at Labor tab. #15472

27337 – Sales Tools: Global Calendar Appointments not showing in Lead at Task & Schedule Tab: Resolved issue where appointments entered to the Global Calendar and associated with Leads, were not showing on the ‘Task & Schedule’ tab in the associated Lead. #15509



28054 – Accounting Integration: FieldHub – New Feature! The use of WeSuite Folders and Folder Levels is included in the integration with FieldHub. Won sales jobs processed to FieldHub that include one or multiple Folders will show in the FieldHub workorder as: Groups = WeSuite Folder Name. FieldHub Scopes of Work will vary according to the Folder Level from WeSuite.

26374 – Accounting Integration: FieldHub: OAuth2 Authorization: WeSuite has added oAuth2 to the integration with FieldHub in support of creating ‘objects’ (i.e. Account, Contact, etc.). Configuration of use of oAuth2 is completed by WeSuite during deployment.

28210 – Accounting Integration: QuickBooks – WeSuite Job Number Displayed at Estimate Memo: The WeSuite Job Number is displayed at the Quickbooks Estimate “Memo” area (i.e. WS-6326-1-0).

26349 – Accounting Integration: SAP Business By Design: Estimate Screen: ‘Waiting for Work Order’ Removed: Removed the prompt 'Waiting for Work Order' that appears at the bottom of the Estimate screen after the work order is created in SAP. This message does not apply for SAP Integration.

26032 – ADI Integration: Estimate Screen: ADI Latest Pricing: Equipment Grid Level: Users can get the latest pricing for ADI parts by right clicking on the part within the Bill of Materials grid and selecting ‘ADI’ as the part source.

26027 – ADI Integration: Estimate Screen: ADI Latest Pricing: Folder Level: Users can get the latest pricing for ADI parts by right clicking on estimate Folders and selecting ADI as part source.

26022 – ADI Integration: Estimate Screen: ADI Latest Pricing: All Estimate Items: Users can get the latest pricing for ADI parts on the total estimate by right clicking 'All Estimate Items' above the Job Folders and selecting ADI as the part source.

25492 – ADI Integration: System Configuration: User Configuration: ADI Integration Licensing: Introduced User licensing for 'ADI Pricing Catalog' at the licensing tab for Users of ADI integration.

24340 – DealerAlly Integration: Program Options: Financing Interface: DealerAlly: a ‘Financing Interface’ has been added to Program Options to enable connection to DealerAlly and future financing option. The value selection is currently 1. None (default) or 2. DealerAlly. After selecting DealerAlly, completion of the required credentials for the DealerAlly and token credentials will be completed and saved to enable connection and use of the financing application.

25038 – DealerAlly Integration: System Configuration: User Licensing: Users may be licensed for use of ‘DealerAlly’ at the licensing tab within User Configuration. This enables DealerAlly for the user within QuoteAnywhere and the Site Survey 2.0.

27561 - Fixed Price Contracts Module: Option to Disable “Accounting” Parts Tab Added: At Program Options, Fixed Price Contracts, the configuration of Pricing Contracts, a checkbox has been added to “Disable Accounting Tab” on the Estimate screen when “Contract Source Only” pricing contracts are used on a job. When the option is in use, Users will not see the Accounting Parts Tab and will only see results for selection from the WeSuite Parts Tab.

25286 – Fixed Price Contracts Module: Estimate Screen: Status Tab: Pricing Contract Selection: A new dropdown ‘Price Contract Selection’ has been added to enable selection of a configured Fixed Price Contract within the Estimate. Any prior estimate information (i.e. parts, labor, chargeable items, recurring services, etc.) will be reset to “0”, when selection change is made. Group Right Required: There is an additional group right that can be assigned to allow visibility of this tab

26820 – eSignature Integration: DocuSign - Program Options: eSignature Interface: DocuSign Email Subject: Administrators with the rights for Program Options can enter a custom “email subject” up to 100 characters, including the WeSuite Job # and Job Title, for jobs sent via WeSuite using the DocuSign integration. (Request additional documentation from

26820 – eSignature Integration: DocuSign – Program Options: eSignature Interface: DocuSign Email Body (HTML File): Administrators may create a custom email template body (HTML file) up to 10,000 charactuers, that will be persisted when the e-signature process is initiated from WeSuite. The value of the cell will indicate the name of the HTML file loaded. To upload a new file, the Adminstrator will be able to override the existing file by clicking the open dialog button within the value cell, select a new file and save the new file. (Request additional documentation from

26749 – eSignature Integration: DocuSign - System Configuration: Associate eSign User: Active Users Only: Only active WeSuite Users will be included in the search results at the ‘Associate eSign User’ drop down. Users that are enabled and licensed for WeEstimate, QuoteAnywhere and the Site Survey.

26758 – eSignature Integration: DocuSign - System Configuration: Associate eSign User: Reset Dropdown: Added the ability to clear the search box at ‘Associate eSign User’ so that new search can be entered. Back space within the search box, then type first 2-3 letters of first name of User for new results.

26759 – eSignature Integration: DocuSign - System Configuration: Associate eSign User: Search Added: to make it easier to search for Users, the dropdown at ‘Associate eSign User’ is now also searchable. Enter the first 2-3 letters of the first name of the User and the search results will show automatically.

26767 – eSignature Integration: DocuSign - System Configuration: Associate eSign User: Show User email Address: When associating WeSuite Users with DocuSign Users, User email address will be shown with the Username when Usernames are duplicates. This to ensure correct names are associated. (i.e. John Smith – and John Smith –

26796 – eSignature Integration: DocuSign - System Configuration: New Group Right: Allow Editing Contact Type: A new Group Right was added that allows changing the contact type value prior to sending the sale documents for signature from WeSuite.

26801 – eSignature Integration: DocuSign - System Configuration: Update Current Right: The current Group Right under ‘Document’, ‘Other’ is changed from “Allow editing recipients on ‘Send for Signature’ to ‘DocuSign - allow add/delete reviewer and recipients reordering’. This Group Right will allow Users to may manipulate the following prior to sending the sale documents for signature from WeSuite:

1. Add/delete Reviewer

2. Reorder Recipients (up or down)

26137 - Estimate Screen: Vendor Column Added: A new column, 'Vendor' can be made visible on the Bill of Materials grid. The column shows the part source vendor based on the selection from the User when adding the part to the job / estimate.

27785 – System Configuration: User Settings: Thresholds Tab: GP% Label Changed for Upper / Lower Job Thresholds: At the User level Thresholds settings tab, the term “Overall Proposal” had been changed to indicate that these settings tie directly to the “Gross Profit (GP) Adjust” tool in WeEstimate. Upper and Lower thresholds set here apply only when using and refreshing the Gross Profit percentage at GP & Adjust.

25499 – Tools: Program Options: Catalog Pricing Interface: Introduced a 'Catalog Pricing Interface' tab where connection to third party parts pricing databases can be made (i.e. Blackleaf Connect, ADI, PSA).

Bug Fixes

27799 – Accounting Integration: SAP Business By Design: Change Orders Not Including User’s Region Office from Base Job: Resolved Change Orders defaulted to the User's Region and Office instead of the Region / Office job is quoted under. #16018

27341 – Accounting Integration: SAP Business By Design: Customer Information Screen: Accounting Contact Name Not Displaying: Resolved issue at Customer Information screen where after Accounting Contact added for estimate, the first and last name were not showing at 'Basic Information'. #15467 & #15512

28169 – Accounting Integration: SAP Business By Design: Dashboard Screen: Copy Job to Another User’s BIN: Resolved where creating Job under a different User or, copying an existing Job to a different User’s BIN, created the job in the new BIN with the prior User as ‘owner’. #16471

28139 – Accounting Integration: SAP Business By Design: Estimate Screen: Existing Job: Error ‘Get Latest Pricing’ for Parts No Longer in Database: Resolved issue where on existing jobs, selecting ‘Get Latest Pricing’ for parts on the Bill of Materials that no longer exist in the SAP BBD database, an “Object Reference” error was triggered. Resolution: Pop up message indicating not all part pricing was updated. #16385

27501 – Accounting Integration: SAP Business By Design: Estimate Screen: Labor Types Not Displaying: Resolved issue where Labor Categories were not displaying at the Labor tab. #15592

27843 – Accounting Integration: SAP Business By Design: Estimate Screen: Project Level Labor Not Including Folder Parts Labor When Auto-Calculate On: Resolved issue where Project Level Labor did not included labor associated with parts, when Auto-Calculate Hours enabled . #15998

28018 – Accounting Integration: SAP Business By Design: Fixed Price Contract Module - Estimate Screen: Contract Pricing Column: Resolved issue where adding ‘open market’ parts to a job, where the same parts are part of a Fixed Price Contract, the Fixed Price Contract Price column showed $0. #16346

27502 – Accounting Integration: SAP Business By Design: ‘Reset’ Job After Import - SQL Error: Resolved issue where after Job was imported from WeSuite to the SAP BBD and then ‘Reset’ from WeEstimate, a SQL error occurred. #15615

27722 – Accounting Integration: SedonaOffice: Dashboard Screen: Change Order: Job Type Selection Empty: Resolved issue where new Change Order created for ‘won’ Jobs imported to SedonaOffice, did not allow selection of Job Types at the New Project screen. Now Job Types from original ‘won’ Job show for selection. #15924

26194 – Accounting Integration: SedonaOffice: Estimate Screen: Accounting Import Screen Displays Import User as Job Owner: resolved ‘won’ job in Accounting Import displays Job owner as User importing the job instead of User who created/owns the job. #14076

28231 – Accounting Integration: SedonaOffice: Estimate Screen: Associated Accounting Parts: Resolved issue where after SedonaOffice accounting parts that include ‘Associated Parts’, were added to Estimates, the Associated Parts did not include assigned part level labor. #16656

27189 – Accounting Integration: SedonaOffice: Tools: Editors: Parts Editor: Changing Accounting Parts Labor in Parts Editor Did Not Update Properly: Resolved where Labor hours associated to Accounting Parts in WeSuite Parts Editor did not save per assigned Labor Category. #15294

27273 – Automated Approvals Module: Document Screen: Proposal Print Allowed when Options Disabled: Resolved issue where pre-send Approval System allowed Estimate to be printed when the option was not enabled for the approval system. #15429

27807 – Automated Approvals Module: Document Screen: ‘Save As’ Function Unavailable During Pre-Approval: Resolved issue where the right in a Pre-Approval System is enabled to allow document Print/Export, the 'Save As' function at the Document generation screen was not available. #16034

27866 – Automated Approvals Module: Estimate Screen: Post Approval Required Only When Job Included Part: Resolved Post Approval Systems would only trigger if part was included on job. Post Approval should be required for any Job. #16114

27234 – Automated Approvals Module: System Configuration: Existing Approval System: Additional Approvals: Add RMR Item: Resolved where edit existing Approval System, add an ‘Additional Approval’, using an RMR Item did not flag Jobs for approval. #15372

28289 – Automated Approval Module: System Configuration: Region Priority: Post Approval System - Deleted Approval System Remains: Resolved where User has Region(s) allowed outside of primary Region, and outside Region includes Post Sale Approval required, after that Post Sale Approval System was deleted, the existing Jobs still required the Post Sale Approval. When Job is re-opened, the action should refresh the job to update that Post Sale Approval System no longer exists. #16778

27816 - Customer Information Screen: Update Information Not Saving: Resolved where updating existing Site and Billing information at the Customer Information screen, did not save the changes. #16068

27340 - Dashboard Screen: My Employees: Create New Job for Selected User: Job Owner Was Creator: Resolved creating Jobs at My Employees on behalf of the selected User, showed primary Job owner as the person creating the Job. #15507

27307 - Dashboard Screen: New Project Creation: Labor Only Region Selection: Offices Not Showing in Dropdown: Resolved creating a new Project, using a Labor Only Region, the Office dropdown did not include selections. #15487

27648 - Document Screen: Copy Jobs that Include Contracts: Contract Document Names Were Changing: Resolved copied Jobs that include Contracts would rename the contract templates to the Quote Package. #15761

27932 – Document Screen: ‘Email’ Tab: Incorrect Text Format: Resolved an issue where if an email was sent to the customer, the body of the text saved under the ‘Email’ tab of the quote package was displaying the incorrect format of text when sent #16245

27917 – Document Screen: General Contractor Proposal Document: Add Scope of Work: Resolved an issue where if you add a scope of work to your general contractor proposal and generate the document, an error will trigger, and the scope of work would not appear on the generated document #16154

27811 - Document Screen: Document Displays $.01 Difference from Labor Total in Estimate when Using GP Adjust: Resolved document Labor total showing $.01 vs Labor totals in Estimate using GP Adjust shows $.00. Estimate tool bar totals equal totals in ‘FolderSummary’ in database. #15999

28347 – eSignature Integration: DocuSign - Document Screen: DocuSign Invitation from Primary vs User Account: Resolved issue where after a DocuSign user is associated to a WeSuite user, the DocuSign envelope sent to the customer was sent with the Primary Account name instead of the User account. #16866

26820 – eSignature Integration: DocuSign – Program Options: eSignature Interface: Custom Email Subject and Body: System Administrators can customize the subject line and the body of the email sent to signers! At Program Options: eSignature Interface: click into the field for ‘DocuSign – Email subject’ and select the data fields to include: i.e. Job # and Job Title.

28008 – Estimate Screen: Auto-Calculate Labor Hours: Labor Hours not Calculating: Resolved issue where if a part is added that includes associated labor hours and ‘Auto-Calculate Labor Hours’ is enabled, the labor hours were not populating in the ‘QTY’ column of the Labor grid. #16331

27916 – Estimate Screen: Folder Level Three Jobs: Tax Calculation with Cost & Sell: Resolved an issue where if the tax configuration set on a job is using ‘Cost & Sell’ and contains level three folder jobs, the tax being calculated was adding twice #16112

27863 – Estimate Screen: Freight Flagged as Not Sold to Customer: Resolved an issue where if you have freight on a job and it’s flagged as not being sold to the customer, the freight charge was still being included in the tax calculation #15079

27815 - Estimate Screen: Get Latest Pricing Update Sell Based on GP Applied to Cost: Resolved issue where ‘get latest pricing’ after updating unit cost, updated the sell price based on the prior part gross profit percentage instead of updating the sell price based on applied gross profit on cost. #16069

28022 – Estimate Screen: Labor Tab: Get Latest Pricing on Labor: Resolved issue where use of ‘Get Latest Pricing’ on a Labor Category did not reflect updated hourly sell pricing for that category. #16357

28007 – Estimate Screen: Manufacturer Part Number: Resolved an issue where if a WeSuite part was added onto a job, if the part had a manufacturer part number, the manufacturers’ part number would not carry over #16317

28066 – Estimate Screen: Part Cost Timing Color Not Updating after ‘Get Latest Pricing’: Resolved issue where the set background color indicator for age of part cost update did not change after ‘Get Latest Pricing’ button was used at the Bill of Materials. #16382

27335 - Estimate Screen: Supporting Documents: New Version of Document with Same Name Replaces Prior Saved Document with Same Name: Changed functionality: when a new version of a document is added to Supporting Documents, that has same name as an existing document in

Supporting Documents, the prior version of the document will be overwritten. Only documents with different names will be saved separately. Prior functionality showed multiple copies of the same document. #15488

27770 – Estimate Screen: Supporting Documents: Jobs ‘In Negotiation’ Documents Can Be Added: Resolved issue where Supporting Documents could be added to Jobs ‘In Negotiation’ (Quote Packages sent). Added Supporting Documents should be at the overall job level and not at the ‘sent’ level only. #15938

27527 - Estimate Screen: Folders with Negative Values: GP Adjust Still Negative: Resolved issue where using the GP Adjust tool for Folders with negative values did not re-calculate the Job values to be expected positive values. #15690

27509 – Finance Lease Module: Estimate Screen: Lease Tab: Rate Creation Multiple Value Not Displaying: Resolved the ‘RCM’ (rate creation multiple) not displaying in the Lease tab ‘RCM’ column. #15610

28125 – Fixed Price Contract Module: Estimate Screen: Pricing Contract Parts: Change Sell Price: Resolved issue where if User Rights include ‘Contract Price Override’, Users were unable to modify the ‘sell price’ of the Contract part. #16347

27800 – Fixed Price Contract Module: Estimate Screen: Contract Part Price Being Used VS Open Market: Resolved issue where open market jobs that include parts with contract price would use the contract price (lowest price) instead of the open market price for the part. #16002

28171 – Fixed Price Contracts Module: Tools: Parts Editor: Update Contract/Sell Price throws Error Message: Resolved issue where in Parts Editor enter text in ‘Contract / SellPrice’ field a ‘character length’ error would show and price was not modified. #16570

24577 – New Project Screen: Job Title Containing Special Characters: Resolved an issue where users were able to paste special characters (@%?) into the job title from their clipboard instead of entering them that triggered an error when generating the quote package #12627

27841 – New Project Screen: ‘Locations’ Tab on Customer Information Screen: Resolved an issue where if you are creating a new job and expand the ‘Locations’ tab under the ‘Use Default Customer’ checkbox, the window enters full screen mode which deters entering information

27931 – System Configuration: Group Rights: Package Editor: Resolved an issue where if you disabled the checkbox ‘Global Package Editor’ under ‘Groups,’ navigating to the Package Editor as a user within that same group, you were still able to create a package even though the right was disabled #16258

28009 – Universal Report Grid: Won Jobs Last Day of Quarter: Resolved issue where jobs marked as ‘won’ on the last day of a Quarter, showed ‘won’ on first day of the following Quarter. #16321

QuoteAnywhere and the Site Survey G2.0


27432 – Estimate Screen: Chargeable Items: Edit Description: Added the ability for Users to modify Chargeable Item ‘descriptions’ within Estimates.

27427 - Estimate Screen: Labor Hours: Negative Quantity: Added the ability for Users to enter negative quantity to Labor on estimates, thus lowering total hours on the job. Total Labor hours per included Labor Category are visible within Estimates.

28000 – Financing Integration: Dealer Ally: Consumer Financing Application and Approval: DealerAlly integration is introduced as an optional addition to QuoteAnywhere. Sign up with DealerAlly is required. The integration uses the DealerAlly API to enable consumer buyers to complete the loan application and approval process from within QuoteAnywhere. Approved consumers/buyers sign DealerAlly documents during the sale and pay DealerAlly directly. DealerAlly pays you for the closed sale! Recurring services are on your Contracts with payment from buyer direct to you. Reach out to WeSuite sales for more information.

QuoteAnywhere and the Site Survey 3.0

The new WeSuite technology platform begins with QuoteAnywhere 3.0 and is available in this release! The platform replaces QuoteAnywhere 2.0 when you’re ready and is the next generation of WeSuite sales management software. Fully integrated with WeOpportunity and WeEstimate. Reach out to WeSuite sales and we’ll get you started!

QuoteAnywhere 3.0 is available with DocuSign integration today.


27710 – eSignature Integration: DocuSign: Recipient Role Details Refined: ‘Recipient Role’ details defined to include additional role details: i.e. ‘Signer’ or ‘Reviewer’ and details such as: signing order (i.e. parallel or sequential).

27297 – Estimate Screen: Label Refinements: ‘BOM’ refined to “Estimate Summary’; within Folder information tab, ‘Totals info’ refined to ‘Additional Information’ and when opened reveals specific estimate totals for materials, labor, etc. for salespeople to review as needed.

27350 – Sales Status screen: Quote Status Bar New Color Scheme: the sales status bar (i.e. In Progress, In Negotiation, Won) in Sales Status information is updated to reflect a purple bar until the job is ‘Won’. ‘Won’ jobs will have a green bar.

6.8 Release (prior to year-end) includes DealerAlly integration and new User Thresholds / Rights.

6.9 Release (early 2023) includes eOriginal integration and new User Thresholds / Rights.

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