How To Create a Lead

This guide will cover how to create a lead within WeOpportunity.

To start, open up the "Lead Management" tab on the menu to the left.


Once that opens, select the "New Opportunity" tab, and either search for a Customer or Site Address or simply select "Start New Customer Opportunity" to start fresh. In the below screenshot, I searched for "Glenn" and selected the site address from the results. If you select from the availible data, simply click on "Go"


You can either create the lead for yourself or for passing. By creating it for yourself, you have ownership and by creating it for passing, you are sending this to someone else. Select which you would like and it will bring you to the next screen.


The next screen will ask for fields broken out into three categories, the Customer/Contact/Contact Address. Anything with a red asterisk is required. Once everything is filled out, click on "continue."


This will bring you to the lead interface where you can start to manage your lead!

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