How to Reassign One or More Leads

There are a few different options for reassigning lead to another user, this could be because that person has left and now you need to reassign all of their project. Or because ownership of a particular lead is going to be reassigned. Below are all of the ways to reassign leads.


1. Pass a single Lead/Opportunity from one user to another within the Lead Management View Tab.

Find the lead and drag and drop to the new User. If you do not see the user on the right, you do not have manager right of this user. That will have to be set first.


Once the lead is dropped on the new user it will prompt a confirmation are you sure?


When yes, a pop up will appear to submit a message/note along with the lead. This will be available in the email notification to the newly assigned user that a new lead has been assigned to them and it will contain the note. You may also opt out of writing a note and selecting cancel.


When done, it will prompt lead pass successful.



2. Pass multiple leads at once from one User to another User.

WeOpportunity also allows the option to pass entire batches of leads from one user to another by passing the entire User, or an entire Status. In this below example John Smith has 3 leads. 1 in the LEAD status, 1 in the OPPORTUNITY Status, and 1 in the NO SALE/LOST status.

You can:

     A. Grab John Smith as a whole and drop onto and NEW User and it will reassign ALL of John’s leads.


      B. Grab 1 status as a whole and drop onto a NEW User and it will reassign ONLY THAT STATUSES         leads.


In both cases it will prompt you to add a message/note. Keep in mind it will add this note to all of the leads being reassigned.


3.Passing a Lead from within the lead.

If you are inside of a lead/opportunity you can go to the Pass Lead Tab to reassign that lead to a new user.


Here you can pass to another User and add a note.

Note: This is the only method that you can not use to reassign to yourself.



4. Passing to Offices or Pass Groups. In all of the above methods the option is available to pass to an Office or a Pass Group.

From within a Lead:


From Lead Management View Tab:


If these are utilized the Leads then move from being owned by a User to landing in a “Leads to be Assigned” bucket where they await reassignment to a new owner.

A member of either the Office or the Pass Group will then have to go to this tab to assign the lead to a new  User.

      A.If passed to Office, any user flagged as an office manager can see the lead.

      B.If passed to a Pass Group, any user included in that pass group can see the lead.



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