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This article will walk through how to use Site Survey within QuoteAnywhere. Site Survey can be found on the left menu and is the fourth from the top.


Clicking on the menu item loads in the site survey canvas. In this screen, you can select the folder to add items to, open the item list in your system by clicking the gear, modify and free draw and lastly either print or save.


To add a blueprint, select the folder and click the "Canvas Management button."


Within "Canvas Management" click on the "assign background image" button and than either take a photo (if on a mobile device) or load an existing file from your current device.



Once your picture is loaded in, click  the "Canvas Selector" button to assign it to your folder. Once that is completed, click on save and close out of canvas management. The picture will then load in the background.


Once the picture is loaded, the next step would be to add your items. Please note, with site survey, items already added into the estimate prior to making the survey won't be included. We suggest starting with site survey and building your proposal out to save time.

Parts can be added by clicking the "gear" icon. The entire inventory of parts within your system will be listed and broken out by accounting and WeSuite. When you locate a part to add, simply click and drag it over into the canvas in the location you'd like for it to show.

2024-05-07_11-20-43 (1).gif

Site Survey also supports icons for your parts. For a break down and run through on how to accomplish this, please check out the article link below - 

Right clicking on an icon will allow the user to either create a copy (duplicate of the item), leave a note (and toggle visibility or not), remove the part, or rotate it to create a different angle.2024-05-07_11-21-49.png

Once the items are added, click on save for the changes to take effect.


To free draw, click on the square on the lower menu to select from the available options.


When adding parts through Site Survey, it will also add them to the quote. 

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