How to Configure Taxes

This is a quick guide to walk you through how Taxes work in WeEstimate.

Taxes are configured and calculated through the database (Based on Zip Code) and through certain areas within the application. This guide will walk you through the process of how to control taxes through the application.

Taxes - At an Region/Office Level 

Taxes can be set and configured at an office an region level by clicking on the region and clicking on edit. From there you will be able to set tax as a default for a particular region.





In addition to this, you can chose default tax values at an office level to include tax on Cost & Sell, Cost Only, Exclude Tax all together or do Sum Only

This can be done for Materials, Labor and other items (chargeable items)


Taxes can also be configured on a per job basis by clicking on the tax tab. Here you will have a break down of the current tax totals on the job, as well as the tax percent for the job. You can also click from the drop down to see options on how you'd like the tax to be configured.


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