Creating Estimate Folder Options and Excluding Folders from Document Sale

Folders within an estimate can be set to be any of the following three values -

  1. "Outright Sale" - Default option for folders
  2. "Print on Document" - Marks the folder as an option for your estimate
  3. "Exclude from Sale" - Marks the folder as excluded from the proposal

The "Print on Document" and "Exclude from Sale" options for folders do not change the Estimate values. They are a tool to be used at the document level to control how those folders are shown on the proposal to the customer.

If a folder is marked as "Print on Document," than the totals for this folder will show on a section separate from  the "Outright Sale" folders, generally labeled as "available options."

If a folder is marked as "Exclude from Sale," It will not show on the proposal document.

Folders that are not "Outright Sale" will need to be removed before the Job is Won (for the same reasons mentioned above) and the accounting system does not have the feature to differentiate each type of folder. Accounting integrations will read all folders without distinction. 

To set a value, click on "all estimate items" within your estimate.


On the grid to the right, there will be an "estimate option" column that can be dropped down to show any of the three above options.


Selecting "print on document" will mark the folder with a black question mark, while selecting "exclude from sale" will add a red tint to the folder.


Once selected, generate the document. Options will display after the financial summary as "available options" while folders marked as "exclude from sale" will have their totals not included on the proposal.



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