How to Make a Negative Adjustment to a Job

First, you must ensure you have a job which has a status marked as 'Won.' Then, we can make the change order to apply a negative adjustment to the job. Simply right-click 'Change Orders' below the 'Won' job and select 'Add Change Order:'
This will open the job in the Estimate screen, similar to a normal job. You will notice once icon in particular that appears for you to make a negative adjustment to the job:
Once you select this icon, a window will open up displaying the folders associated with the job and the parts within each folder. On the right-hand side, you can make the negative adjustment to a specific part. Note that this adjustment can only be made to parts and not chargeable items or RMR items:
Once the negative adjustment is made, you can win the job as you would win any other job. Please note that change orders with a negative adjustment made to them cannot be imported into Sedona. This is not supported by both WeSuite and Sedona as there have been various issues encountered when trying to import change orders like these. This is meant to be for reporting purposes.
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