How to Change a Customer's Name/Information

This article will cover how to change customer information within WeEstimate


Changing Customer Name:

To change a customer's name, first click on the customer information tab within a job. From there click on the "Edit" button under the current customer screen. On the pop up window, enter the proper information you'd like to change to and click on update when you're done.


Changing Customer:

To change the customer to an already existing customer, you can click on the "Change Customer" button from within the customer information tab. In the search window, find the intended customer you'd like to load into the job and click "ok." You will have the option to keep current site/billing along with the change or the ability to clear them.


Editing Existing Site/Billing:

To change existing sites or billing addresses, click on the existing site and/or billing within the job. On the basic information screen, change the field you'd like to edit. The important thing to note is that if the information is in red, it comes from accounting and cannot be edited.


Removing/Clearing Current Sites:

Sites can be removed by right clicking on the site or billing and selecting the "Clear" option




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