Configure Column Display on Job Grids

This article will walk you through how to display grid rights/columns. Grid columns can be made visible and/or editable globally as well as per user



  1. Go to Tools > Program Options
  2. Select Global Grid Rights
  3. Choose category of which grid columns need to be configured
    • To hide a column from the grid in the category selected, uncheck 'Visible' to the associated column
    • If the 'Allow Edit' AND 'Visible' check boxes are selected, the column will be editable by the user being configured


Per User

  1. Go to Tools > System Configuration
  2. Select 'User Setup' tab
  3. Search for user
  4. Highlight user > click edit
  5. Go to 'Grid Rights' tab:
      • EQUIPMENT GRID ONLY: To display a column on the 'Main Row', select the check box associated


Here are some Common Grid Rights


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