How to Deactivate a User from WeEstimate

This is a guide to show you how to deactivate a user from WeEstimate. 


The first thing you'd have to do is determine if the user still has Estimates assigned to them. You cannot delete a user that does. The first step in order to determine this would be logging into your manager or admin account. Than you'd go to the "my employees tab."



From there, select the user you'd like to delete and hit the drop down tab and see what proposals they have under their name. After that, you'd click on "Pass Manager." 



From here, you'll be presented with a list of active users that are your employees. Select the one you'd like to assign the job to and hit pass.


Click okay on the window.



Right a message as to why you're passing it.



Do this until there are no jobs listed under the user's name. Once you finish, go to system configuration:

Disable Account

There are four steps to disable an account:

Step 1 – Choose the user to disable

Step 2 – Deselect group access

Step 3 – Deselect “Enable Account”

Step 4 – Click Licensing tab and deselect all checkboxes


If you still cannot delete the user, they might have jobs archived. In order to check archived jobs, go back to your dashboard. From there click on the archived tab. Expand the "My Employees" tab and select the user you'd like to delete. The proposal will be listed in there.



From here, simply right click on the proposal and select "current." 



This will move the job from the archived tab, back to the current list. Now you'll just need to repeat the process above to reassign the job and the user should be able to be deleted.


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