How to Configure the Approval Site for Use of Approvals by Email Feature & Supported Features

*This feature is only available in Release 6.9 or later*

*Must have the 'Automated Approvals Module' enabled in order to use this feature*

*Please consult company IT team for configuration of this feature*

*Must install the .NET Core Runtimes below and reboot server after installation:*

Approval Server Installation Files

1. Create an IIS site to host the 'ApprovalsSite' for this feature.

  • open IIS
  • select 'Sites' right-click
  • select 'Add Website'.

*Refer to the 'Site Settings' screenshot below as a guide for which settings to enable and set:

2. Navigate to the 'Application Pools'

3. Select the newly named 'ApprovalsSite' application pool

4. Select 'Advanced Settings' on the right-hand side.

*Refer to the screenshot below for which settings to enable in the application pool:

Be sure to set the application pool to the user that's used to connect to SQL:


5. Double-check the application pools for the API are set to 'LocalSystem':

IIS 1.png

6. Enable 'Window Authentication' in IIS:


'ApprovalsSite' file contents to be provided by WeSuite Support. Please request these zipped files from the team.

7. Once the zipped files are received, extract these in a directory within the file directory below or what is configured for the site in IIS:


8. Create A records in your DNS for 'approvalsserver' and 'approvalsserversb'

9. Attach to existing domain. (Complete for both Sandbox and Production environments)

10. Manually enter the 'WSAPIURL' and 'SiteURL' for your existing/newly created DNS in the 'appsettings.json' file within the ApprovalsSite file directory:

If issues generating reports occurs from the approval email, change the 'WSAPIURL' to be a local binding instead, e.g. 'http://localhost:91/':

11. Enter the 'Approval Server URL' on the database; this is located in the 'programoption' table:


12. Validate service is running by running the below in command prompt:


If the service is failing, you can run the service via the command prompt which will often yield more extensive results for the issue you may be experiencing.

Supported Features:

The main features this functionality supports are:

- Summary report of the job sent with the initial approval email.

- Reject jobs: mark as not approved and provide comment.

- Approvers with ‘rights’ to approve in multiple ‘hierarchy’ Groups, may utilize ‘Approve for All My Groups’ with a single click.

- Approval summary email notifying user the process is completed

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