How to Complete a Commission Split in WeEstimate

This is a quick guide on how to do split commissions for a client on WeEstimate.

1. Tools --> System Configuration --> User Setup

2. Once there, search for either your user or the user(s) you'd like to do commission splits with. Once that's selected, go to the people managers tab and find the other person you're splitting commission with


3. Once you've located the user you're splitting commission with, please enable the following options -


4. Once those are turned on, open the job you'd like to do a split on and locate the "Commissions" tab. Once that's clicked on, browse to the "commission splits" section (Please note if you do not see a commission's tab the user most likely doesn't belong to a commission system -


5. Once there, click on the user you'd like to split with and fill out the information on the window -


Once the job is won, please follow the following steps to pay out the commission -


1.) Click on the Commission URG button

2.) Check the Quarters as well as salespeople you'd like to display.

3.)  View current values and confirm they are correct

4.) Click on "OK to Pay" (it will change to Marked to pay)

5.) Click the "Paid" checkbox


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