How to Send a Quote Package to One or More General Contractors

This article will walk you through the process of sending a proposal to more than one general contractor at a time.

1) Open the Customer Information screen within the job


2) Select the "GC" (General Contractor) tab

3) Drag a contractor from the search results screen and drop onto the "General Contractor" title


4) Expand the General Contractor section


5) Select the "Contact" tab

6) Drag a contact from the search results screen and drop onto the "Main" title



**Complete steps 2-6 for each general contractor that needs to be added to the job

7) When the job is ready to be sent to the contractor(s), open the Document screen

8) Select the quote package you would like to send

9) Select any proposal options needed for the job

10) Select the "Contractors" tab


11) Select the general contractor

12) Select any custom document options

13) Select "Email Contractors"


14) Add a Subject

15) Select the documents/contractors you want to send the quote package to

16) Select an Email Option

17) Select "Continue"








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