How To Setup The Sedona Office Integration

In order to setup the Sedona Integration, you must first do some configuration on both the Sedona and WeSuite side.


Sedona Side

A prerequisite to setting up an integration between WeSuite and Sedona is having your Sedona Account Manager turn on the WeSuite Integration.  To check if the integration has been enabled on the Sedona side, in Sedona go to the Tools menu on the taskbar at the top of the window.  If you see the "WeSuite Setup" option in this menu, the integration has been turned on.mceclip0.png

Once the integration has been turned on, you will need to enter the following information in the WeSuite Setup window:

  • SQL Server Name
    • SQL Server Name where the WeSuite Database lives
  • Database Name
    • The name of the WeSuite Database you're connecting to. Make sure that you are using the Sandbox Database in your Sedona Sandbox and the Production database in your Live Sedona environment.
  • User Id
    • User ID used to authenticate with SQL
  • Password
    • Password used to authenticate with SQLmceclip1.png

Once the information has been entered, hit the "Test Connection" button to make sure you can connect to the WeSuite Database.  If this is unsuccessful, make sure you have entered the correct information in the fields above.

If the connection was successful, hit Save to save the information.


WeSuite Side

To configure the Sedona Integration on the WeSuite side go to Tools -> Program Options -> Accounting Interface

You will need to set the following:

  • Accounting System
    • Set to Sedona Office for a Sedona integration
  • Make sure "Enable" is checked to the right of Accounting System
  • Database Server
    • Name of the server on which the database lives
  • Database Name
    • Database name of the Sedona database.  Make sure you're connecting to Sedona Sandbox for a sandbox environment, and the Live Sedona for a live environment
  • Username
    • Username to authenticate with SQL
  • Password
    • Password to authenticate with SQL
  • Linked Server Name
    • Same as Database Server
  • Linked Database Name
    • Same as Database Name

Press "Ok" at the bottom right to commit changes.  Test to see if integration is functioning by searching an accounting customer or accounting parts.

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