Sedona Office Job Creation and Import

This article will cover how to create and import a job in Sedona Office.


Importing & Creation the Job in SedonaOffice: Log into SedonaOffice. Click on Job Management and under that, click the Job Queue.mceclip0.png

A new window will open called “Open Job List”. Click the WeSuite icon on the tool bar.mceclip1.png

The WeSuite Import Queue will open. The most recent imported Estimates are at the bottom of the list. Click on the Estimate/job to import. Click “Create Job”. mceclip2.png

The SedonaOffice Job creation screen appears. In the examples below, one shows creation of a job for an Existing Customer, the other for a New Customer. Click OK to continue. mceclip5.png

Job Information from WeSuite is highlighted below: (this example is from an Existing Customer). mceclip6.png

The Work Order Entry screen shows. Information from WeEstimate is included: Job Number, Job Type, Description (Job Title from WeEstimate), Sales Person name, PO Number (if included by the WeEstimate User), Sold Date (as recorded in WeEstimate). Complete the remaining required information and select “Apply” to create the work order. 

Example 1mceclip7.png

 Example 2 mceclip8.png

The new Work Order is created. The Job Number from WeEstimate shows and indicates (3) jobs are being created for this Work Order. The Job Type, System Type and Account number all show. Click “Apply”.


Job Screen: Information from WeEstimate is shown in the Estimated column. Two examples are shown below. The estimate information is shown at the Estimated column as shown below. 


Clicking on the icons on the left Job Information pane enables viewing of detailed information for the job. 

In cases where multiple Folders were imported from WeEstimate for a single job, as you close each “Job” screen, the next Folder will show until each Folder has been included. In the example on the left above (3) job folders were brought in because the Job Type and System Type selected for import varied. The Job Number 8741-1-0-3, where 3 indicates the number of folders imported.

Example: Sales Summary


Example: Bill To 


Example: Tasks mceclip15.png

This concludes the final step in the accounting import. 

For more information on job configuration, setup and management in SedonaOffice, please contact SedonaOffice directly. This guide is meant to provide an overview of the workflow process from WeSuite to SedonaOffice. 

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