How to Map From WeSuite to Sedona: An Accounting Interface Walkthrough

This is a quick guide to walk you through the steps on how to map parts through the WeEstimate Client to Sedona Parts. 


Go to (1) Tools --> (2) Program Options --> (3) Accounting Interface --> (4) Mappings  and you will be brought to the Mapping Interface


From here, you can select what you'd like to map. There will be a few main tabs that each do different things. 

First you will see the Labor Tab. Here you will see all of the Labor Categories within WeEstimate and all of the Labor categories within Accounting

Once you locate the labor category you'd like to map, click on the drop down in the accounting labor column to map the labor category to one that exists within your accounting program.


The next tab will be Job Type. It functions very similarly to the labor tab. Simply locate the Job Type that exists in WeEstimate and select from the drop down in the accounting column mceclip4.png

Lastly there is the Items Tab. The items tab allows you to Map anything from Parts, to RMR, Charge Items and Wire. 


Once you select the type you'd like to map, the screen will populate with a list of WeSuite and Accounting Items. From here, select the item from both sides and "Click and Drag" it to the bottom half of the screen. Once both items are selected, click the "Map it" button.


Hopefully you found this guide useful! Don't forget to check out our robust category of written guides on how to walk through different steps within the application!

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