How to add Associated Parts in WeEstimate

This article will walk you through the steps on how to add Associated Parts in WeEstimate. Your user will need access to the "Parts Editor" menu in order to access this.

The first step is to go to expand "Tools" and click on "Parts Editor."


Once the "Part Editor" menu is open, the next step would be to search for the "Parent" part that you would like to attach a "Child" part to.


Once you've found your "Parent" part, simply right click within the grid and select "Add Associated Items" to open the "Associated Parts" window.


Once the window is open, you now are to select the "Child" parts that are associated to the "Parent" part. In this window, simply search for the "Child" part and drag it over to the "Associated Parts" section.

2023-10-04_08-55-43 (1).gif

After that is complete, simply close out of the window and the next time you add the "Parent" part to the quote, it will come over with the "Associated Child Part." Please note that this is not retroactive, so any quotes already in progress that are currently using that part will not be changed.

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