How to Setup Sales Quotas for Users

Quotas are often helpful for salespeople to keep track of reaching their quotas per quarter by comparing to their quarterly sales.

1. Select "Tools"

2. Select "System Configuration"

3. Search for the user

4. Select the user

5. Click on "Edit"

6.  "User Information" Tab

7. Click on the "Quotas" tab


Once in the "Quotas" tab, you will be able to enter in the values pertaining to the user. Please note however that both Annual Sales and Annual RMR are calculated fields and cannot be edited. They draw the values from the totals of Q1-Q4 of their respective Sales Quotas.

You can also click "Configure" to view past quotas as well as make changes to current quotas.


Once you're finished making changes, simply click on save and the user's quotas will be configured!

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