How to Setup Sales Quotas for Users

The purpose of this guide is to illustrate how this can be configured on a per- user basis.

Quotas are often helpful for salespeople to keep track of reaching their quotas per quarter by comparing to their quarterly sales.

Please refer to the steps below for setup:

1) Select 'Tools'

2) Select 'System Configuration'

3) Select and 'Edit' the user

4) Highlight the 'Quotas' tab. You can enter the quarterly 'Sales' and quarterly 'RMR' figures for the user. This will calculate in the 'Annual Sales' and 'Annual RMR' tabs automatically.

**Please note that you cannot type into the annual sales column, rather you'd need to enter the amount in each quarter**

This 'Quotas' figure will appear on both the Dashboard:

And the WeEstimate URG:

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