How to Configure Pre-Approvals and Post-Approvals

Pre-Approvals and Post Approvals serve as a means to have groups review proposals before being sent out to the client. This is a guide to walk you through the process.

You can access the Approval Systems interface by going to

1.) Tools 

2.) System Configuration 

3.) Approval Systems

Once you are at this screen, click on "New" and you will be prompted with a box that will ask you to select Pre or Post as well as a name.

We will start this guide off with Pre-Approvals and then circle back later for post.


Once you have selected Pre-Approval and chosen your name, the next step is to select the groups you want to be in charge of approving. If you hit the drop-down tab in the available column, you will see all of the groups you have set up in your system. Select the group and click add to include the groups

Once you have added your groups the next step is to look at the grids on the right hand side of the screen.

From here you can pick System Type (standard is the default for most approvals) as well as selecting what you'd allow each user that belongs to the pre-approval do before it's been approved. An example of this is the Allow Print/Export. If checked, it will allow users to export documents to word or PDF or be able to print them.

The other tabs outside of options are used for more complex approvals including but not limited to requiring approvals for specific job types as well as if a certain part is in a proposal.

The regional setup tab is used in rare scenarios if you'd like to have a particular office or market from within your company over-ride or ignore the approval system

(please note that job type can only be accessed by selecting Use Job Types in the options grid)

Last but not least, the final thing to worry about (if necessary) is the exceptions column. Exceptions work as triggers within the approval system. For example, if I would like to have all jobs with a sales price greater than $3000 go to a specific group I can doing so in this grid

Post Approvals

Post approvals have a very similar process than pre-approvals although they are much more limited.

Setting them up is the exact same, click on new and check off post approval and then name it.

From here you'll notice the interface looks very similar although multiple tabs are removed. You can still select your groups that you want to approve, you can select some options as well as a few triggers.

Final Steps

Once the approvals have been setup, the last step is to assign users to the approval. Please note that this is somewhat different as you can now assign users to this approval group that arent the approvers but must go through the process.

Please go to - 

1.) Tools

2.) System Configuration

3.) User Setup

From here, select the user you want to give the approval to, click on edit and than lastly select the approvals tab

Once you are in the approvals tab, select the dropdown in the respected column (pre or post) and click on save. The user will now belong to the respected system!

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