How to Setup Engineering Review

This is a quick guide on how to set up the Engineering Review from the WeEstimate Screen.

There is three separate parts in the setup.

Part 1 - Making sure it is enabled

The first step is making sure the engineering toggle is enabled for your users. To check this, please go to tools, program options and then appearances. From there go to system setup and make sure it is unchecked



Part 2 - Setting Your Engineers

Once the "In Engineering" is selected, the next step would be to select your engineers.  To do this, go to tools, system configuration, select the user, click edit and than select project engineer



Part 3 - Final Setup

The third and last part of the setup is to have each user that you want to work with the engineering review have the engineering status as well as the quotes to engineer selected. 

This is located within in "My Settings"  in the dashboard tab.


After this is complete, you can select and change the status on the job as well as the project engineer. It will then be put into that engineers queue for review.



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