How to Discontinue Parts in WeEstimate

1. Prepare an excel sheet with the parts to be discontinued.

Mandatory columns:

  • mfgr- Manufactorer 
  • model - the part/model number
  • descr - the part/sales description
  • Sale Price - The sales price of the part
  • UnitCost - The cost of the part
  • discontinue - 1 = true 

1. Tools

2. Part Import


3. Click 'New'


4. From the pop-up window, select excel sheet and click on open

Upon clicking open, the part list will be listed, along with all of the columns created. If the column headers are green and the text is black than there are no errors found. 


5. Once the data is loaded, click on the "Fill Column" drop down and select "discontinue." Once that is selected, type into the "with" space and enter 1. 



6. After that data has been filled, click on import and the changes will take effect.


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