People Manager Rights Breakdown

People Manager rights are located in:

  1. Tools -> System Configuration -> User Setup. 
  2. Select the user to edit and click "Edit".
  3. On the right hand side, click on the "General" tab and be sure to select  "People Manager"mceclip0.png
  4. Then go to the top tab labels "People Manager".  mceclip1.png
  5. Drop down the Region and Office and select a user to edit the checkbox options for that selected user.


Here are definitions for each checkbox in People Manager:

  • Approvals - Grants rights to approve jobs for selected user, assuming you belong to the approval group and have rights to approve for that approval group.
  • Read-Only - Allows you to open the selected user's proposals, but not edit them.  Selected user's jobs will only open as "Read-Only"
  • Bin Passing - Adds selected user as an option to pass bin manager to
  • Splits - Allows you to split commissions with selected user
  • Managed - marks you as the selected user's manager.  Effects commissions.
  • Accounting Import - Grants rights for you to import jobs won by selected user to your accounting system
  • Commissions - Allows you to manage commissions for selected user.  Also allows you to select them on the Commissions URG
  • Approval Emails - Sends you an email every time selected user submits a job for approval
  • Master Override - Job Sharing removes any shared user from the approval process. This means if I share a job with my sales manager, then my sales manager would not be allowed to approve my job anymore, because I shared with him. Master Override is used to override this rule.
  • Job Sharing - Allows user to right click a job and select "Share Manager"
  • Summary Report Email - When selected user wins a job, you will get an email copy of the summary report for the won job.
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