How to Create a Chargeable Item

The steps below detail how to create a chargeable item in WeEstimate.

First, you will need the proper rights to access the 'Editors' tab illustrated below:

Once in the 'Editors' tab, we can create a new class or new chargeable item.

You can have multiple classes of chargeable items, for example Wire, Accounting, Shipping and Handling, Construction, whichever may be easier for your team:

1) Select 'New Class'

2) Enter the name of the chargeable item class you would like to add

3) Select 'Add'

You also have the option to edit or remove existing classes of chargeable items.

To add a new item, select 'New Item' next to 'New Class' and please refer to the screenshot below:

From here, fill out all appropriate information, including whether or not it is a direct charge or, for example, if it may be a certain percentage of the total system sell.

Once you have the items added, you can search for them in the Estimate Screen as indicated below:

Once this is completed, you have successfully created and added a chargeable item to your estimate!

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