How To Enter Your Own SMTP Email in WeSuite Applications

This is a quick article to walk you through how to enter and utilize an SMTP email of your choice within WeEstimate and WeOpportunity. This article will not cover how to actually make the email address.

Most clients during their deployment are given a generic gmail account that is tailored to their company to help automate emails that go through Wesuites products. These emails can range from approval emails to a lead has been passed email.

In order to change this to something different you would need to update it in the following locations -


Once WeEstimate is open, navigate to -

  1. Tools
  2. Program Options
  3. SMTP


Once there, you can enter your SMTP information.

  • User Name will be the email address
  • Send as will be if there are any "Send As" permissions in use (and if so, check the "enable" checkbox)
  • Password will be the password or app password for the email address
  • SMTP address will be the SMTP address of the type of email you are using (
  • Port will be the port used (if any) to allow the smtp emails to go in and out (by default this is 587)
  • Enable SSL - Check if this is turned on for the account (by default this should be enabled)

Once that information is inserted, you can click the "Test" button to send an automated email to an email address of your choice to make sure it is working.



WeOpportunity also requires smtp configuration if it is used by your organization. However, to configure SMTP for Weopportunity, you must open IIS, click on the Weopportunity Site and than browse to the file location by clicking on "Explore" -


Once there, locate the "SMTP" file and open it (in case it asks which program to open the file with, select "Notepad" -


Once the SMTP file opens, you will now  have to enter the same values you entered within WeEstimate (if you started with that first).


  • SMTP From - Your email address used for SMTP
  • Network Host - Your email address server type
  • Port - Port used for access
  • Username - SMTP Email Address
  • Password - SMTP Password or App Password
  • Default Credentials - Leave as is (should be false)
  • Enable SSL - Mirror what is present within WeEstimate (Should be checked)


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